Achy arm with lump

I went to the doctor’s on Monday following finding a lump in my breast. She also said she could feel a swelling in my armpit (not a lump), so I have an appointment at the breast clinic on 23rd (the day before my 40th?).
Whilst I hadn’t felt the breast lump (although I’m not great at checking) I have felt for a while that I couldn’t quite put my arm down properly next to my body, like a piece of tissue or something was bundled in there, and my arm has been achy with occasional pain in my elbow and a kind of numbness in my hand.
Does anyone have any experience of this at all please, good, bad or indifferent 

Hi Bec, pleased you meet you, albeit not under the best circumstances , and very pleased you’ve found us. I’m going to take you at your word re good ,bad or indifferent. I was diagnosed with BC early in 2017. Like yourself I had an issue with my arm, and had been sleeping with it above my head for quite a while. I found my breast lump later. Turns out I had lymph node involvement so had those cleared at the same time as having my primary tumour removed. I had no pain or discomfort from the arm region just couldn’t put it flat to my body. This does not mean your condition is the same, or that you have BC. Until you have that diagnosis it could very well be a benign condition. Not all lumps are cancerous.
Here’s hoping that you will be able to celebrate on both fronts on 23 rd! ? :four_leaf_clover: