Acid in stomach/ throat

Hi guys

Csn anyone give advice on treating really bad stomach acid/acidin throat.

Its the side effects im getting from my EC treatment. Whenever i eat, it sits on my stomach, and makes me nauseous. Sometimes the foul taste and burning in throat make me sick. And when it doesnt i still feel like i will any minute and gag alot.

When i was sick it was mainly yellow fluid and even that seem to get stuck in my throat abit…

Its been 2 weeks since my 4th EC session and still have this issue. Im taking Acid reflux tablets but it isn’t easing…

I never have a face to face with my Oncologist since before chemo started, he just calls before the next session…so havn’t been able tonconsult with him.

Will bring it up to the cancer nurse this week when i go in for my PICC line flush…

Just need to see if anyone has had this side effect and how they treated it effectively…



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I had a similar issue and I found that eating bland food the week after treatment and small portions really helped. After a few days it would get better.

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Hi Leona

It’s horrid isn’t it? I’d never had heartburn before EC. At times at night, I couldn’t catch my breath it hurt so much. Speaking to your nurse/team is the right thing to do. Don’t wait until your appointment, call today.

I was given prescription heartburn tablets and they worked PDQ. Then I had them given to me at each chemo seasion.

Just a warning, 3 years later I still get it. Nowhere near as bad. I find an over the counter tablet once a week really dampens it down. I just have to go easy on the carbs in the couple of days before I take the tablet as that sets me off big style.

I hope you are more comfortable soon.