actinic keratosis and radiotherapy?

I’m due to see my oncologist next week to discuss radiotherapy. I have a skin condition called actinic keratosis - this is spots of skin dammage caused by exposure to UV - although I do tan OK and only burn if I’m stupid, I have to slap on the sunscreen as these spots can become cancerous - as well as being unsightly - so I don’t want anymore or for existing ones to get any worse!

Most of my spots are on my forearms but I have a few spots on my chest, shoulders and ahoulder blades. Does anyone have any experience of this skin condition or similar with radiotherapy?

The BCC leaflet suggests asking for dermatologist referral if you have a skin condition - so I will raise this… I have always mentioned it when asked about my medical history but don’t think it has really been taken note of - this could be because it doesn’t matter of course!

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Hi Alice,

I have the same and acne roseacea, fortunately for me the keratosis is not on my chest area but the acne roseacea is. Being completely honest I only had the usual side effects I also had just been on holiday so was reddened in the area where I was having rads that was what the radiologists were concerned about(not the other skin conditions) so just slapped on lots of aqueous cream, hope this helps, please ask if you have any more questions, xx

Sorry you have not had any replies yet.

Just a thought for you -maybe the radiotherapy will have a positive effect on any lesions, in the line of fire, so to speak. Don’t they sometimes treat the keratoses with radiotherapy.
As I said, just a thought.

All the best with it.

Just bumping you up again.

I know nothing about your skin condition but obviously as a scientist yourself (and I used to be an engineer in the nuclear industry (dare I say that?!)) you will know whatever the significance is of rads being “high energy X-rays” (do they mean gammas? I never did check!) rather than the UV which triggers your problems. You, like me, will also understand the dose info (if you ask for it)

The general advice for rads is use loads of aqueous cream, some people use 99% pure aloe vera gel (from H&B I think). Hope you get some useful responses soon, and that all goes well for you.

Ha Ha RevCat you’ve sussed me - I’m just being really lazy and am at the stage “do I actually need to start thinking about this and doing some research so I ask the right questions???” Sometimes a little knowledge in the wrong field is more of a worry than a help!

Thanks Katy - some reassurance that they weren’t worried about your skin history.

And thanks Ragamuffin - I have been looking at my arms with interest since I started chemo as I wondered if that might do anything - no change to report so far. Ironically I had a biopsy on my leg the week before I found my breast lump - that result came back after my Mx histology - luckily clear!