Active nodes in neck biopsy inconclusive now wait ?

6n half years since breast cancer and auxiliary clearance found a lump in neck in July n have had scans etc which have shown lymph nodes active in neck had ultra sound and biopsy n said inconclusive as not 100% sure could be early lymphoma said would be better to wait 3 months for another scan rather than operate
In the meantime my arm has been swollen and have had to wear my sleeve all the time now picked up bath throat and cold and noticed another lump in my neck any advice or similar problems I would appreciate any help thanks

Ask someone for a second opinion, that will give you a rest of mind. Waiting will not be an option for me, do not wait as well.

Yes Rozila, as Avrelia says, do not wait…may be nothing, butbest get it checked,



Hi thanks all I decided to wait but would appreciate any similar experiences

Rozita, Call the doctor and if not satisfied with your answer seek another opinion. Hugs, FF