hi- now really suffering with hot flushes, night sweats ,aches & pains  - been on tamoxifen for roughly 2.5 years - has anyone tried acupuncture to help cure the sweats at all please?

thank you 

I have , it didn’t help me with hot flushes but did help me feel calmer and more relaxed . I think it works better for some than others .

thank you x

Hi I just heard about this the other day as I’m struggling with this also and I’m 29 so fingers crossed ! I am getting six sessions 

Best of luck hun - hope it works for you ?

Hi @catladdy,
Just wondered how you ate getting on with the acupuncture. Are you feeling any benefit?
I am 54 but still premenopausal and I have multiple night sweats which disturb my sleep.
Thinking of giving it a try.

Hey all, I’m 29 and having chemo. I’m having Zoladex injections alongside chemo which caused me to have awful hot flushes, they were waking me up 5-6 times a night. My breast care nurse was the one who actually suggested acupuncture and I was quite dubious at first, but desperate as the lack of sleep was making me so emotional and down. So far I have had 5 sessions (every 2 weeks) I have been so impressed with how much it has helped me. The acupuncturist was honest from the outset and said whilst acupuncture may not prevent hot flushes all together, there is evidence they can reduce the frequency and severity. I now have maybe 1 or 2 hot flushes a night and they are less severe. Would recommend going to an accupunturist recommended by your breast care team, not just one you find online. I really hope it helps you x