acupuncture Second posting, other went on someone elses topic (sorry). New to the site and the treatment process. Wondered is anyone could help with this little query.
Due to start 6 cycles of FEC next week and concerned about the side effects, particulary nausea and fatigue. Asked the consultant about the possibility of acupuncture but was advised strongly against it on the grounds that it is a time when I’ll be prone to infection and whilst it is known the needles are sterile, the advise is not to do this therapy. Has anyone had good/bad reports about this therapy. I’d rather give it a try than go onto stronger sickness drugs if possible.
Many thanks

I’ve tried it Hi,

I had acupuncture early on in my chemo. they use sterile needles, and i didn’t have it as my lowest blood count time but when i was at my best. I had been having a deep massage for my neck, back and shoulder, which I was advised against continuing with until I’d finished treatment. The acupunctire turned out to be far better than the massage in the end! I have stopped it because its had done the trick, but wouldnt hesitate to have it again if needed. Haven’t tried it for nausea, but I haven’t really suffered with that.


I had no problem I had acupuncture weekly during most of my chemo. I originally started at the hospital with a physio there who did it, but they kept wanting to take blood to check my count, and to be honest it all still felt very clinical…and I was so fed up getting blood taken anyway!
I went to a private therapist, and it was so different. I felt so relaxed, and it seemed to benefit me enormously. Each week she would assess my current problems…of which there was always many…side effects of chemo, side effects of the drugs to counteract side effects! and so on.
Everything is sterile and perhaps I was just lucky, but the whole thing was very positive for me. The hospital had great difficulties in controlling my nausea and they tried everything…the acupuncture seemed to relax and help.
Good luck!