Acupuncture having my first acupuncture session on tuesday, breast care nurse refered me to try and help with menopausl sympoms, had my pre-treatment consultation a few weeks ago and was told it might help with my anxiety as well.

has anyone else tried this…and if so how successful was it?


Positive results Dear Karen

i have used acupuncture for all sorts of ailments in the past 5 years and have continued since being diagnosed in April.

I have had very good results in regard to recovering from surgery, boosting my immune system during chemotherapy, sleep problems and general well being.

Can’t recommend it hgihly enough. My acupuncturist is also a qualified osteopath too so my spine and back are in fine fettle.

Contrary to some misguided info, acupuncture is completely safe re infections with an experienced, qualified practitioner.

So I say, go for it, believe in it and hopefully you’ll get some relief from your menopausal symptoms.

lots of love

Jenny XX

Ihave been having acupuncture for hot flushes. Have had six sessions and I have to say initially I didn’t think it was doing anything, but gradually the number have been reduced. Last week I had none at night and about 4-5 episodes during the day, this was compared to 40+ prior and some nights being up all night. I am now doing my own acupuncture and will be reviewd in a month. For me it has been brilliant, so I hope you get the same effect!

Have had acupuncture in the past for aches and pains which worked.

On monday i am going again for a few weeks sessions. following consultation last week at a university which teaches acupunture. The main aim of these next 5 sessions is: To relieve fatigue, and to minimise the anxiety that i feel increasing - and i know will get worse - as i get closer to surgery. The consultation lasted almost an hour, and went in to all my chemotherapy side effects, diet, general health, lifestyle, and they also noted the names of the drugs I’ve been on (inc. type of chemo) and ones I’m still taking, which they will look up.

Very thorough, so i’ll report back!

reporting back… Well, its still very early days. This session we decided to concentrate on minimising the chemo side efects since it was so recent. Have had more energy early on than in prevoius chemo cycles, (came into work on day 4 for a couple of hours but still have to take it easy in the evening with very early nights - in work all day by day 6).

One of the things they sought to ‘re-balance’ was the excess heat that I/the chemicals are generating in my body. So far I haven’t succumbed to the oral thrush, and my stomach is more settled. Have also only had a couple of mild hot flushes (that i’m aware of) per 24 hrs for the past few days, compared to 10+ severe ones normally after chemo & steroids. Whether its because the acupunture has ‘kicked in’ or not, i don’t know, but my next session is in a couple of days. Am ‘cautiously optimistic’ so far.

had 2nd acupuncture session on wedensday, she did the treatment different to the first one.
after the first one i felt ‘different’ in some way , wich i can’t explain…that lasted for a couple of days…night sweats certainly dramatically reduced…hot flushes…probably fewer but very intense.

after second session on wed., felt very emotional on thursday, don’t know if it had anything to do with acupuncture???

wll have to ask next time i go, which isn’t until 1st august.

tigerlily…i hope you continue to benefit from your acupuncture…you sound a bit like me…i did say to my therapist, i don’t know if its coincidence or the acupuncture…still keeping an open mind!!!


2nd session Well, had my second session yesterday with the Gorgeous Gavin. Concentrating on upping my energy levels, settling my digestive system, and also dealing with my dodgy shoulder/neck. Not sure so far, but felt really relaxed afterwards - then went to be at 8.30!!!

Can it help with weight loss Hi Ladies

I’ve put on weight following chemo and was wondering if acupuncture could help with weight loss?

not sure - depends what sort of weight loss. What i mean is, if its due to something like fluid retention, it can bring a balance to the body and help. it can also sort out the digestive system and ravenous appetites/constipation/diarrhea (sp?) as a result of chemo.

weight I’ve been having acupuncture for 5 years for various ailments; insomnia,period pain, thyroid and now chemotherapy! In my experience acupuncture will not help you loose weight but it will improve your sense of well being, help the body to heal itself and protect against ill health. I see acupuncture as balancing my system and making sure that all the organs are working efficiently as possible.

I would always recommend it to everyone. It’s painless and has no side effects.


It worked Well, my shoulder certainly benefitted from it and have had no further problems. Also reduced my hot flushes.

My last session just concentrated on relieving stress and anxiety before my op. This certainly worked - The night before I lay there totally calm. OK I didnt want the op, and was sad that my partner wasn’t around, but not stressed out. I very calmly lay there going through in my head how I could just choose not to have the op and could walk out there and then. In the end i stayed because I decided that i would never be able to face family and friends again - and since my parents were staying at my house, I couldn’t go back home, but would have to do a Reginald Perrin and just disappear!

Was a bit nervous just before I went to theatre as i realised my surgeon had been changed, dispite my best efforts to avoid someting like that. But I met the ‘new guy’, and the porter serenaded me all the way to the operating theatre!

I may go back for more acupuncture to help me cope with menopausal symptoms once I start my tamoxifen

Had third session 2 weeks ago, did feel very calm after…seem to have needles in different places each time i go ??..don’t know why i haven’t asked why!!
must say did get bruising on inner wrist where i was ‘jabbed’ 3 times.
have next session on 21 sept.,
unfortunately after that the hospice is no longer funding acupuncture, therapist says she will do it privately for £25…only problem is she will be working from an area even further from me than the hospice…trying to see if breast care nurse can recommend one closer to home.

glad you have found some help from it tigerlily.


In yesterdays Times, it tells how a small study at Stanford University concludes that acupunture is effective for hot flushes/night sweats.