AdCal / Additional supplements

Hi. I take Adcal twice a day (chewable) - is it really enough Calcium and Vitamin D to take daily? How is it absorbed when it dissolves so quickly? Does anyone take additional supplements? Eg. Glucosamine? I can’t start Infusions for a few weeks as i need dental extraction first and root canal treatment to another tooth. Dentist is doing as precaution. No problems now but could be in future. I’m having extraction as no guarantee any root canal treatment/cap to this tooth will fix underlying problems longterm - cost will be about £1000 per tooth!!! Disgusting eh? But i can’t afford and can’t afford risks of problems developing mid infusion treatment. Never ends eh?

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I take Adcal. 2 twice a day but not chewable and have had no problems. Have taken them for 18 months now

Thank you fir taking time to reply. What is strength of your Adcal (Calcium and Vitamin D)? It just seems weird to me a chewable tablet that dissolves in seconds can get into your system I’ve wondered if over counter better Eg separate Calcium tabs and Vit D tabs.

Another question I’m throwing out there… how do you know Letrazole (I take the Accord brand) is blocking Oestrogen. ??

Hi, i take adcal , the big chalky ones, once daily. I have monthly bloods as im also on abemaciclib as well as bisphosphonate. The blood tests show that my calcium levels are always at the higher end of normal, so they do seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing… hope you are doing ok and all the best for your treatment, take care julie xx

Thanks for responding. Pleased for you Does anyone check you chlorestrol levels OR Oestrogen levels (to make sure the hormone blocker doing what it should?? Oncologist only said about infusions and blood test before each one for liver function. I asked about Chlorestrol abd she didn’t seem bothered. Said can ask GP In hindsight it would be better if i asked her to write in the letter she will send GP, of my last visit with Oncologist, they monitor my chlorestrol, BP, etc. I always feel up to me these days to ask/fight for everything. If you don’t ask, you don’t always get. But fed up being told speak to Breast Care Nurses. Theres only so much they can do as Dr’s have the power. Moan over!!

I was on AdCal twice a day for cycle 1&2&3. Just finished cycle 3 week 3 of Ribociclib, Fulvestrant, Denusomab and my calcium is low. Extra blood tests and increase AdCal to 4 chewables per day and re-do bloods 2 and 4 days later before starting next cycle……
Hope it picks up, had issues with phosphate too, but extra prescribed supplements bought it back to normal in about a wer.

Hi glad you’re being well monitored. Thats where i feel in limbo. Who is monitoring all my levels? Clearly there are side effects to be mindful of (eg Letrazole can cause high chlorestrol, high BP, liver probs. I feel Oncologist signed me off now and I’ve no idea about who monitoring. Who monitoring ny calcium levels, and if the Letrazole is blocking the Oestrogen like its hoped. Not everyone the same. Unless a GP is told they don’t seem to have a scoobie doo! I am worried. Thanks for listening to my waffling xx