Hi everyone. Does anyone else feel nauseous after taking these tablets? I have to take 2 per day( 1 on the morning and 1 in the evening,). After about 15 minutes of taking them I feel really sick. I don’t take them regularly now due to this but my calcium and vit d levels are always OK and in range. Just wondered if anyone else experiences this and been given an alternative? I did get the drink to take at first but that was even worse! 

Thanks xx

Hi Paris

I also had same problems with Adcal and they really irritated my stomach also. In the end I just took Vitamin D3, which I still take although I am not on active treatment and I try to eat as rich a calcium diet as possible. Not had any problems with my calcium levels so far so keeping fingers crossed. 


I also sometimes feel a bit icky after I have taken these.  I have tried a couple of different brands - I started off with Adcal D3 which were like a fruit flavour and seemed a bit of a thicker tablet with a chalky texture.  These seemed ok.  Then my GP surgery decided to change them without telling me to Evacal brand, which are thinner tablets but much more crystalline and crunchy in texture.  I think I was getting on ok with those but they were cutting my mouth a bit due to the rough texture so I asked to swap back to Adcal.

I’m really interested to hear that both of your calcium levels have been ok despite not taking the tablets!  I queried this with my GP because 1500mg of calcium twice a day seems like an awful lot.  However I must need them because my calcium levels are always just on the right side of ok so I wasn’t sure whether to risk stopping them or just taking one tablet a day.  I think even a multivitamin would be more preferable to these!  I’m currently trying to find alternatives but it seems like most other calcium supplements don’t come in such high doses.