ADCAL supplements


I went for a Bone Density Scan at Oldham Royal Hospital in November, and I have just got the results from my surgeon.

Even though my bones have thinned slightly there is no sign of Osteoporosis.

However, my surgeon wants me to go on a supplemement called ADCAL which I have got to get from my GP. Appointment with him Friday 7 January!

I know there are quite a few side effects for this but is/has anybody here been on it?

Please can you give me some adice on what it is like.

Many thanks


I was prescribed Adcal supplement, 2 daily, when I was put on Femara
following MX in May 09. I wasnt having too good a time on Femara so the Christy onc put me on Tamoxifen which suits me down to the ground but kept me on the Adcal. I dont believe they have ANY side effects whatsoever, they`re not even unpleasant to chew, very mild
fruit flavour but a bit chalky. Good luck, love Mags xx

I was on Adcal d3 for a year, but when i went for my bone density scan they did a blood test and found that i had too much calcium in my blood, so they took me off it and i get my calcium from diet alone.

Hi Rosalind, Mags and lolly73,
I am very interested in this. I was started on ADcalD3 and alendronic acid a few months ago after I insisted on a bone density scan after almost 5 yrs on arimidex.
as far as I know, there are no side effects other than the risk of having too much calcium in the blood.
yet again, I had to push my GP for a blood test (baseline) before starting them, but I wonder if you know how often this should be repeated?(blood test for calcium)

I took Adcal for quite a while, but they gave me indigestion and I was very windy if you know what I mean.

When I told my GP she said it was a very common complaint and when I went for a bone density scan was told the same.

I was on fermara then but it did’nt work for me so I am now taking Tamoxifen and don’t bother with Adcal.

Hope you get on all right with them’


Hi there Rosalind and all

As far as I know there are no bad side effects from Adcal. It is just helpful. I have had them, plus IV Zometa every 6 months, and am just fine. My OH should take them too for his bones, but, being a bloke, will not!

So basically, don’t worry. Cancer and chemo are far worse. This helps.

Love and Happy Christmas


Hi Rosalind,

I take Adcal D3 twice a day and Alendronic Acid one day each week. The worst thing about the ADcal for me is the sickly sweet taste but you can wash that away with food or drink after you’ve chewed it. I don’t seem to get any side effects from it. Hopefully you will be the same.

Eliza xx

I have been on femara for about 8 months and have never had a bone density scan or any supplement. Someone posted somewhere that the oncs are arguing over the calcium supplements? Are they contraversial?I was a little worried as several people on here mentioned having too much calcium in their blood as that was what led to my MIl’s kidney cancer, possibly after taking it for osteoporosis for years with no blood checks, they wouldn’t say. Any advice very welcome so I can nag/discuss this with my onc next month at my check up. Not sure quite which way to go on this one.
Thanks and happy christmas
Lily x

I am on Arimidex and have early signs of osteoporosis so I’m on bisphosphonates. My GP is furiously opposed to Adcal and has always advised me that I can get all the calcium I need through my diet. I believe a recent study revealed that calcium supplements did little to ward off bone thinning but increased risk of strokes.

Hi Ladies,
I have been on Arimidex and Adcal D tablets x2 per day, for 5 months now.
They taste rather sickly sweet and chalky.
They also give me bad constipation, not keen on them but I will take them if necessary. My doctor has told me I must stay on them for the 5 years while I’m taking Arimidex.

Isabelle XXX

Hi msmolly,

Do you have any details of that study, please? I’m a bit sceptacal myself, but don’t have any evidence, so I’d be grateful if you have any details.

Eliza xx

I was handed some adcal at my last chemo, i also have zometa(bone mets) but the nurse took them back off me when she looked at my bloods saying that they were not needed for now.
x sarah

Eliza - BMJ website - including ripostes -

We have a load of osteoporosis in the family - grandmother, mum and now me. The National Osteoporosis Society’s advice about how to fend it off is excellent.
Bone building, weight bearing exercise is the real key I think.

Thanks, msmolly. I’ll check that out.

I don’t think the weight bearing exercise is the key for me. I was a bit surprised to find I was osteopenic because I get rather a lot of weight bearing exercise in a number of different ways.

Eliza xx

Well after nearly 6 months on ADCAL I don’t seem to have any side effects.

Yes they are a bit chalky in taste but that soon goes. My GP has prescibed me Tutti Frutti flavour, much nicer than the lemon, but I will talk to him about too much calcium in the blood when I see him next.

Stay healthy everybody.