I’ve been on anastrozole since the end of December and after a bone density scan which showed I was osteopaenic I’ve also got adcal.  Been taking them for two weeks and am suffering from what I think is terrible heartburn, usually in the evenings.  I can’t see this listed as a side effect, and wondered whether any of you lovely ladies have any experience of this.


Hi EJM60

I am due to start on adcal in the next few weeks - so cannot talk about the symptoms.

However - are you also taking bisphosphonates?

If so - they could be the culprit.

If not - are you taking the adcal exactly as it it written in the leaflet?

Also -


Other medicines and Adcal-D3

Tell your doctor if you are taking other calcium supplements or antacids for indigestion, digitalis drugs (eg. Lanoxin), diuretics or corticosteroids.

If you are taking thyroxine, bisphosphonates, iron or fluoride medicines, tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics make sure your doctor knows this. When taking these medicines leave a period of about 4 hours before taking your Adcal-D3tablets. Do not take them at the same time.

Adcal-D3 with food

This medicine should not be taken within 2 hours of eating foods rich in oxalic acid (e.g. spinach and rhubarb), phosphate (e.g. bran), or phytic acid (e.g. whole cereals). -END QUOTE


Sue x


Hello EMJ60 - I’ve been taking Adcal D3 for over 18 months. I have had some heart pain - more like discomfort if I sit/lie still in certain positions, and I have to move!  I’ve told BCN, onc and doc, and NOBODY has shown any interest.  I did wonder if it was the rads. It has lessened off over the months, and just seems to flare up occasionally now. However, do think it’s worth contacting your BCN/doc as they do need to know - they might even be interested!!

On the other subject of how to take them, I have asked doc/dentist/pharmacist and all have said the 2 hours was not necessary! So I just take them morning and evening and eat/drink as normal. In fact, pharmacist said I could take both tablets at the same time.

Do hope you feel better soon. :catvery-happy:xxx

I have been taking Adcal for about 5 years and have often wondered if it is responsible for my acid reflux.

I understand that calcium is best absorbed in amounts of a 500mg per shot which is probably why the makers advise night and morning, Calcium can interfere with other meds. and should not be taken within 4 hours of some . I take mine with breakfast and then with my evening meal in the hope that helps the absorption. My GP and  pharmacist have been very helpful in helping sort out when to take which meds.


Another thing I have learned is that it is better to eat full fat organic yoghurt (if you like yoghurt) because dairy products that come from grass fed cows contain a viatmin( I thinks its K2) that helps to off-set clogging up of the arteries. there have been some worries that calcium may contribute to clogging arteries. Apparently low fat dairy does not contain this important vitamin.


If you are on an aromatase inhibitor I think you should ask your oncologist if you should also have a bisphosonate. I was told that Adcal on it’s own is unlikely to be enough to stop further bone loss and it might just get you back into the ‘normal’ range of bone density. I do not know now if it is the calcium alone that has upset my stomach or if the bisphosphonate has sensitised it!









I was just reading through this thread and have realised I have been taking my Adcal completely wrong. :frowning: When first prescribed I was told there was no special time to take and I could take at same time as other meds if I wanted.  I confess to only reading the leaflet now after reading this thread I am on Anastrozole, Bisphosphonates and Thyroxine plus Adcal (1,500mg) twice a day since January.  I have been taking all in the morning within about an half and hour/hour of each other so am now worried.  Quite difficult to stagger all the tablets in the morning.  Would Calchichew D3 be better as that is just 1 tablet a day but have been given no information at all with it.  Also why not take like I have been?  Is it the upset tummy or am worried that tablets may not have been effective?





Sorry to hear you’re getting heartburn. Adcal made me feel slightly nauseous, usually a couple of hours after eating. So I usually make sure to eat little and often so my stomach is never empty. Maybe this will help with your heartburn. 

Hi just thought I could add a little comment I have been taking Anastrozole and Adcal since September last year, after finishing rads and did have some symptoms hot flushes and waking in night feeling a bit queasy at times like menopause, but when I picked up my last prescription the pharmacist asked how I was getting on with them and they have a little room in the chemist and she went through the medication and how the medication reacts if you take any other tablets and went through side effects how best to take them to alleviate any side effects, I had been taking Anastrozole in the morning so suggested moving to evening. If you have a good pharmacist try talking to them. D

   BIphosphonates do not always/commonly  cause acid reflux, there could be a myriad of other reasons for it.


. Ladies, if you are troubled with acid reflux, please, please speak to your onc, or your gp as there may possibly be other reasons for acid reflux which may need investigation by a doctor. 




Morning Ladies,

I too am taking Anastrozole and Adcal. I always did have problems with digestion symptoms anyway but now the pain is particulary in right breast (cancer side) whereas before it was more my stomach. I asked GP to change from Calc? (can’t remember name) as it gave me indegestion and started Adcal. Was taking one at night and one late morning. Had awful stomach ache on Monday afternoon so stopped Adcal. Reintroduced 2 nights ago but not during day. This morning I’ve had the worst acid reflux ever. I normally take Gaviscon but haven’t taken it at same time as Adcal. Can’t decide if Adcal is exacerbating my underlying windiness or if it has caused another problem or if it’s related to the cancer. I guess I will have to talk to GP when I see him at end of month. I also take Epilim for mood swings which also gives me heartburn but only for a short while after taking.

Interesting about the yoghurt I only ever eat organic 0% fat. I’m also a piscaterian and eat a lot of whole grains.

Hope you are having a restful Sunday!

Jak x

Hi there,


Just saw this thread and thought I’d share my experience with AdCal…


I’ve been on it just about a year since a Dexa scan showed I was starting to show signs of Ostepenia in my back.    Since I started taking it I’ve suffered from reflux and was beginning to convince myself that the evil spawn was back, but in my stomach this time.  Nothing on the leaflet mentioned it could cause side effects so I was thinking the worse.


About 8 weeks ago I finally spoke to my GP who told me yeah its really common and gave me something to soothe my stomach.   With 12 hours of taking it I was pain free.   Am on an Adcal break while that works and am then due to go back to GP to work out next step.    I’m due to stop all medications at Xmas (thats my 10 years up) so hopefully anything I have to do now will just be a temporary thing to get me through.


So my advice is go seek help, there is something they can do :slight_smile:


W x

I have only just taken the plunge with the Letrozole and Adcal today. I have not yet had any scans so neither I nor my oncologist has any idea whether I have osteoporosis or not, but I have been given the Adcal in the meantime as a precaution.


The tablets have been in the cupboard since I was given them in 30 January, because I really didn’t want to take them because of the side effects, so I have been putting it off for as long as possible. But I have nearly finished radiotherapy now and will be seeing the oncologist again soon so I thought I had better have a go and see how I get on.


Before I started, I read the leaflet with the Adcal and realised that this is going to dictate what I eat and when from now on. So many foods seem to have phosphates, oxalic acid and phytic acid in them that there isn’t much you can eat 2 hours either side of an Adcal tablet. 


The reason for the restriction is, as Sue-HS explained (but sadly the Adcal leaflet doesn’t) is because foods rich in phosphate, oxalic acid and phylic acid can inhibit the absorption of calcium from the tablets, defeating the objective of taking them. I also found this information online helpful in suggesting when to them around meals:


So, I took the Letrozole first thing this morning at 7.00, then did exercises, got showered and dressed and had breakfast at 7.45, then took first Adcal at 11.00. I then had lunch at 13.15, and took the second Adcal at 16.15, so I can have my tea at 18.30. The advice in the link suggests that alternatively, the Adcal can be taken in the late evening, 2 hours after the evening meal.


This is yet another restriction on my life that other people who can stuff their faces when they like just won’t ‘get’ I fear!