additional images taken after my bone scan was done

Hi Folks not been on here for some years now; I was diagnosed ductal BC, grade 3 in April 2005, mastectomy, no lymph node involvement, EPI/CMF chemo, no radio, Zoaldex (2yrs), Herceptin (1yr), Tamoxifen(5yrs) and 3 months of Letrozole. The letrozole was stopped about 4 weeks ago and I will commence Exemestane in a few weeks instead.

I’ve been having headaches, niggling constant in nature and significant bone/joint pain. Doc arranged bone scan and head ct for reassurance; had my bone scan today and was told I would have additional pictures taken if there was any change from a previous scan a few years ago.

They then did additional images another bone scan focussing on the rib area, then another one they later said was a ct scan of the bones in that area. I was too worried to ask more but now I am really worried they saw something sinister.

I have had a tender area on my ribs on the same side as my surgery for some time, don’t remember when from but I have always thought it was just because of the surgery and reconstruction it would always be tender/bruised feeling…does anyone know anything about additional images like these?? My head CT is tomorrow.


I had a bone scan last week. After the main scan the tech said she was going to move the camera to take additional pictures. I said that my paranoia was kicking in and was she doing that because she had seen something. She said no, she does not interpret anything at all and simply follows the consultants instructions and the extra images were to have a different angle of the area I had said was causing me concern, so they could have a v close look.

Am not sure if that helps.

Good luck with your results.


Thanks Midge,

I would have assumed that to be the case but she told me they would look at my previous scan and only do more if there were changes evident in this one. I am trying to stay positive and not jump to conclusions, I was expecting spots to show in my hip or shoulder areas where I believe I have arthritis, didnt even consider my ribs and the tenderness there; maybe there is some other explanation for it.

I’ve left a message for the BC nurse to ask about how and when I will get my results, they said they would be quick and it was hoped I would get the result before my holiday on Tuesday but I didn’t ask how I would hear…duh! lol

I hope your scan is ok, let me know the outcome.

Audbod x