Ade Edmonson being honest

Just been reading this article by Ade Edmonson about his wife, Jennifer Saunders.

At last a celeb who tried to paint the real picture without the sparkles and bows. Thank you for taking the time to post it. x

Thank goodness for Ade Edmondson telling it as it really is!

It was a breath of fresh air to read this

Julia xx


Well written

great article!

Just read this and was about to post the link. At last a bit of honesty in the daily mail!!!

I too thought it was great, but was bit concerned there was no mention of whether jennifer had ever worn yellow wellies…

As well as no reference to the yellow wellies, did you notice no acknowledgement by DM of printing the all clear nonsense?

With respect finty I think you are totally underestimating the daily mails full commitment and unfailing ability to support entirely contradictory stories depending on date, time, page and tea leaf readings…

You got me there !

Great article, beautifully written

I just read the article before logging on here…yes I agree with all that’s been said…and if Ade or Jennifer ever pop in here for a read I just wanted to say a very big ‘thank you’…xx

Same xx

Ditto Jackie

What a refreshing article about BC, it can only add to peoples full awareness of what this disease means. Best wishes to all their family.

I echo all that has been said-at last something to relate to and feels real-and thanks for posting the link, I would never have read a DM article about BC otherwise!

Thanks so much for the link … as cupoftea said, I’d have been unlikely to find the article without it and it was an article that was very well worth reading.

Debs x

I gave it to my OH to read this morning and he said he thought it was excellent, it was totally honest about the difficulties men face when a partner is diagnosed with BC. I think this interview will help a lot of men out there who are struggling to come to terms with things, so all credit to Ade. A truly lovely and honest guy.