Adjusting & adapting after breast cancer - info session.

Hi everyone
I have just booked with a friend to go to an information session at BCC offices in London on Tuesday 27th January about adjusting and adapting after breast cancer.
I have been to a session on another topic there and found it really well organised and helpful…
Its a 2 hour morning session starting at 10.30. so free in the afternoon for sightseeing or retail therapy.
Anyone want to join me for the day?
M x

I’ve just registered for the session, so hope I’ll see you there!

Brilliant Lyn, look forward to seeing you there.

Just posted the link bellow for more information and how to book.



It would be great if these sessions were nearer to me like Portsmouth, Bournemouth etc. I could really do with some support and ifo about after bc tresatment is over. Everyone thinks i am ok now and do not realise the physical and psychological after effects of treatment.


Hi Rach

Would it be possible to get up to London for the day - the venue is on the South Bank near to Waterloo - just a thought.

M x

I would love to go but have to go by train and would be through nearly £50 getting there which I don’t have !

Ive registered for the session but havent received any details yet. I was told it might not go ahead because of poor numbers.

Margaret XXXX

Hi Rach - thats really expensive isn’t it? Perhaps if the events were held a bit later in the day it would enable those travelling by train to get a cheap day eturn - just a thought.

Hi Margaret
That’s what I was told hence starting this thread to publicise the event and to encourage others to register and go along. Hopefully it will still happen - look forward to meeting up with you and Lyn there.

M x

Hi Magsi

And I thought you kept on bumping it up just to nudge me into going. Will pm you.


Having a bit later in the day might help. i calculated my fare in off peak time so earlier would have been dearer still. However I think this thread is very useful for exchanging info. It would be interesting to have feedback about the session so we can know if it is useful for us to go. If it proves to be really helpful it would be worth spending the money. I think the low turn out is probably a result of lack of money and time of year. I can imagine many of us are awaiting our enormous winter fuel bills.

Hi Rach.
Just been looking through the info sessions and there were two in Portsmouth at the beginning of the month - January 7th - so don’t give up hope they do happen sometimes in your area.
Its not very easy to find the info about sessions on this site hopefully it will be easier with the new site and then people can get together and go along together which is much nicer than turning up alone.
M x

Hi Magsi,

looking forward to meeting you there. Hope there are enough numbers going for it to run. Should be useful.

A. x

Hi all

I have contacted the team and anyone who requires financial help with travel costs to these sessions is advised to contact the team directly on 0845 077 1895.

I have also been asked to pass on to you that the Adapting and Adjusting and Coping with menopausal
sessions in Portsmouth have been postponed to 20 February (originally 7th Jan).

Kind regards

Hi A.

Looking forward to meeting up with you, (hope it goes ahead)
Do you realise that there are 4 of us from this thread going, should be fun trying to work out who is who!

M x

Hello everyone,

I’m going too! Looking forward to seeing you all.

Eliza xx

Hi Eliza

Thats great - see you on Tuesday.

M x

Since someone asked for feedback on the session - yes, it was worth going to, though for a 2 hour session I’m not sure it would have been worth travelling a very long distance.
Some of the suggestions on coping were helpful (eg, Stop saying sorry - I’m about to start practising that) but an exercise in visualising yourself I didn’t find useful. In fact on reflection afterwards I realised that the only time I’ve been asked to do that sort of thing is in the “cancer community”, and that was probably why I dislike it so much.
The funniest bit (apologies that I can’t remember your name) involved sex with a bicycle…

The most interesting bit is always meeting others in the same boat, and there really wasn’t time to talk. I’ve emailed to suggest an improvement to the sessions might be to leave people to sit around in the room for an hour after the end of the formal session to chat and meet each other properly if they wanted to.

And Hi to everyone there from the forum that I didn’t get a chance to identify, and thanks to Magsi for bumping it up so that I saw that it was happening at all!


Hi Lyn

It really was good the meet up with others, yes there were some good ideas and probably like you I had other ideas that I could have put on the feedback sheet afterwards - its always the case isn’t it.
Perhaps we ought to start a thread about ideas for adjusting and adapting after bc.
But at the moment I am finding adjusting and adapting to the new site hard enough :slight_smile: