Adjuvant abemaciclib with hormone therapy in primary breast cancer

Hi all,

My name is Holly and I work in the Policy and Campaigns team at Breast Cancer Now.

I’m looking to hear from anyone who has experience of the treatment abemaciclib (also known as Verzenios) with hormone therapy as an adjuvant treatment for hormone receptor positive, HER2 negative, node positive primary breast cancer. 

This treatment is currently being assessed to see whether it can be made available on the NHS and I want to hear your views on the drug to inform our work on this. 

If you can help, please do get in touch by 24th October. 

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Hello Holly sorry if this is too late but I just started this treatment 5 days ago. Happy to help if I can.



Hi all,

My name is Sukhi, and I work in Breast Cancer Now’s Policy team.

Following on from Holly’s post below, I am looking to hear views from people from across the UK with experience of the drug treatment abemaciclib (Verzenios) with hormone therapy for treating hormone receptor positive, HER2 negative, node positive primary breast cancer after surgery

The treatment was approved for use on the NHS in England earlier this year, which is great news, and now the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) is assessing whether it can be made available on the NHS in Scotland_._ We will be involved at every step to ensure eligible patients will be able to access this treatment and the first stage is submitting written evidence to the SMC. You can help shape our input into Scotland’s assessment of this treatment by sharing your experience. Any views will be shared anonymously with the SMC.

If you have experience of the treatment, please contact by Monday 26 September 2022. You can choose how to share your experience and views, for example, you could answer a couple of questions over email, or we can arrange a short call at a time that suits you.

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In ER±positive breast cancer, the cyclin D1 and CDK4/6 complex promote phosphorylation of the retinoblastoma protein. This allows cell cycle progression and cell proliferation. Prolonged treatment exposure inhibits the protein and blocks cell cycle progression from one phase to the next. This leads to the aging of the cancer cells. I first read about it in a journal when I was looking for info here to get my master’s degree. Then I came across a study that says that the course of the disease is positive when combined with hormone therapy.