Adriamycin. Docetaxel. Cyclophosphamide. Capecitabine

Is anyone using these drugs in their Chemo regime. Especially anyone having chemo before surgery.

I started mine today, but this is post surgery and not with the capecitabine.Feeling good so far, just a little tired, but i think thats as much an emotional response as aanything else, tbh!.I am also on several lots of anti-sickness drugs and steroids, and i have to inject myself tomorrow with something to boost my white cells, which i am slightly bothered about, but i guess when i’ve managed it once, it won’t seem so bad!?


I have had 7 out of 8 of my chemos. No 8 tomorrow. All before surgery which should be taking place late Feb/earlyMarch

The first 4 were Adriamycin/Cyclophosphamide together refered to as AC. The second 4 have been Docetaxel commonly referred to as Taxotere or just tax. I will happily answer any of your questions but am reluctant to launch into a full scale report of how they affected me and side effects because I may not give you the information which you want. Ask away - I promise I will answer to the best of my ability.

Take Care

Andie xx

Hello! i start TAC on 5th feb
Shaving me head for charity on 4th!
Nikki xxx

Hi there,

Like AndieT I have some experience, but not with your exact mixture of drugs. I had my chemo from July to December last year, 4 x epirubicin and cyclophosphomide (EC) then 4 x taxotere (last one 5 weeks ago), and I’ve just had my mastectomy 9 days ago. Happy to answer any questions.

Have you started your chemotherapy yet?

Good luck, and best wishes