Adverse reactions to paclitaxel or Herceptin

I am due to start weekly paclitaxel and Herceptin. I was initially told thst the paclitaxel would start week 1 and Herceptin week 2 so that we could  monitor for  any adverse reactions. However, now I am going to have both on same day. This has caused me some concern, I am worried about starting 2 new drugs same day. Has anybody else started both same day? How long was the observation period after each ? 

Yes, I started both on the same day - I thought that was normal. As you have the Taxol by infusion and the Herceptin by sub cutaneous injection, they have time to monitor the Taxol before you have the injection.


If it helps, MP, you start paclitaxel with a half-hour of what I called prep - a drip including a steroid (to reduce chances of an allergic reaction), anti-emetic and antihistamine. I had EC treatment, followed by a zometa infusion (both of which can bring on reactions) and was fine, though I can’t speak for paclitaxel and Herceptin, as I didn’t have the latter. Paclitaxel is considered to be kinder thank EC During my many treatments, among many patients, I only once saw a mildly adverse reaction, resolved within 5 minutes, so try not to worry about it. Most people just sit and chat, drink tea and scoff sandwiches and biscuits to while away the time. It’s all very relaxed, apart from the poor nurses dashing round like flies in a jam jar.

I am on weekly Paclitaxel plus Herceptin, though I didn’t get the Herceptin in week 1 as planned because I hadn’t had the MUGA scan in time. I eventually got it week 3.

Paclitaxel is known to cause allergic reactions but they know this. As a precaution you will get IV steroid, anti-histamines and anti-emetics. These are given half an hour before the paclitaxel. As far as I know serious allergic reactions happen very quickly and the staff will be observing you and onto it if anything wet wrong.

Herceptin is given at the end, after the paclitaxel. Hospitals seem to vary but I had to wait 2 hours after the injection before I could go home. Some make you stay longer.

I have had side effects from both including a minor skin allergic reaction but nothing serious.

Hi mp Newcastle

I have been told that I have to start herceptin and pertuznab the together as well. Has anyone had these two together?

What effects did you go through in your body?