Advertising concern

Please, could the site security settings be tightened to exclude the advertising that occurs on the message board? Alternatively, speedily remove them? This problem has been particularly noticeable lately, many ads being for male enhancement (not a pretty thought). To report them as inappropriate, one has to click on them. Who knows what is accomplished by the source once the ad has been acknowledged - probably it generates more.


My concern is that they ‘bury’ posts that often are desperate appeals for support. Right now, the top three posts, the ones visible on the home page, are bot-generated. If I were a new member, this would put me off exploring further posts. It doesn’t serve those in real need well.

Hi Jaybro,

Thank you for your comment and for flagging this to us. We are aware that these bots/adverts keep popping up and have reported this with our developers. In the meantime, we are working hard to ban/spam these posts as soon as possible.

Although we have a filtering system in place to block these inappropriate posts, sometimes they are not caught by our filters. We apologise for this and are working hard to manually block these posts when we can.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues.

Best wishes


Digital Community Assistant