Advice after BC

Hello all, i’ve not been on her for a while. It’s been just over a year since i found my lump. My treatment finished in March and i’m supposed to be taking Tamoxifen and Zamidol. The thing is that just before i was due to start my chemo last year, i found out that i was pregnant. I had to terminate as the risk of the tumour returning was too great. Now that it’s all behind me, i want to try for another baby but i don’t know if i can get pregnant anymore.
My periods haven’t returned and i’m too scared to tell the breast care nurses or my onc that i’ve stopped taking my medication.
Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
Also, my hair has grown back and i have a pixie style bonce but it’s not growing very fast. I want my long tresses back. Can someone tell me how long roughly it takes for your hair to grow back? Mine was halfway down my back!
Hope to speak to you all soon
Take care

Hi Julie, I’m a bit down the road from you (dx June 07, finished radio Feb 08), my periods returned approx 3- 4 months post treatment and took probably a furtther 6 months to return to normal, so do hold in there. I was triple neg. so not on any further drugs so I’m sorry but I can’t help there, but I would definitely tell your onc your fears & that you have stopped your drugs.

My hair grew back straight away but quite slowly until about a year post treatment, then it suddenly seemed to grow very fast and now, there is no stopping it!

As I said, your onc is the expert so I would talk to them about your pregnancy hopes and the regime you are on.

Good Luck


Hi Julie

On the hair front, I finished my chemo in February 07, and my hair started back straight away.

Like you, mine was halfway down my back, I had just grown it especially long!

Now it is well past my shoulders and going down my back again. So now I just about feel that I look like my old self. My hair is curly, even more now, so it has seemed to take a long time, but once it gets going, it seems to go quite quickly, so hang in there.

Good luck with your family planning, I sincerely hope it works out for you.

Love and best wishes, Deborah.

Julie, please, please, please do not be afraid of talking to your BCN or oncologist. I am obviously a lot older than you but know how it feels to lose a baby without everything else that you have had to deal with. I do hope that in your future you will add to your family and keep well but you must make sure that you and baby will both be ok.

It will help you and the medical and nursing care team if you tell them why you have stopped your medication. Remember you have your rights and if this is your decision and you know the implications of your choice then the team will have to comply with your choice and monitor you and if necessary find a suitable alternative to the drugs you were on to allow you to have that longed for baby.

I do wish you well and will look forward in the future to a great big new baby announcement on the Forum knowing that mum and babe are well.

XX Irene