Advice for peripheral neuropathy

I have only posted a couple of times but really need advice on neuropathy.

it started in my hands and feet back in 2014 when I was on Abraxane and it is still just as bad today (Herceptin, pertusamab and zoledronic acid).  My finger tips are quite numb some times and it’s a bit like I’ve had an injection at the dentist up to my wrists.  My feet always feel they are burning, Pins and needles and shooting pains up my legs.  It goes up to about mid calf.

walking is painful and makes it difficult to walk far.  It also affects my balance I can be standing still and then suddenly I stager.  I’ve told my GP, my oncologist and the nurses at the day unit but I have been told there isn’t much can be done about it.


does anyone else have this, and how are you coping with it?  It is driving me crazy

thank you for any advice.


Hi I have had neuropathy since chemo in 2008, nothing as bad as what you are experiencing though, I really feel for you. Although mine has improved over the years I still have numb tingling toes and painful feet and sometimes get sharp shooting pains in my toes. There is medication to help, here is a link to NHS choices. Wishing you all the best xx

hi Liz,


sorry you’re having such a problem with this.


Yes, I’ve had it worse with some chemos and its not flared up so much with others but its always around and although not as painful as yours sounds it does cause problems.


I have acupuncture and it seems to help- I find acu does help the problems chemo brings and definitely feel better for it. I don’t know whether oncos advise against it now? I’ve been having it for many years.




Hi there, it’s terrible to be in such pain, have they tried 25mg letrozole, it takes 5 days to work. In higher doses it used to be used as an anti depressant and then they found this low dose works for neuropathy.

Hi everyone,

im interested to hear CS mention plantar fasciitis. I have neuropathy (fingers and toes) from kadcyla chemo but also suffer all the time with plantar fasciitis and inflamed tendons such as the Achilles’ tendons  and tendons in my ankles and feet. This started when I started the Kadcyla. I always stretch after exercising, but even going for a walk makes them seize up the next day. Is this connected to the neuropathy does anyone know?

i read that one of the B vitamins can help with neuropathy but I can’t remember which one!

all the best