Advice needed - any mindful app recommendations

Hi all

My mum is having a bad week or two of late. Physically doing well and is half way through chemo for SBC HER 2+
I’ve had lots of good advice from the forum and screen shot this to show my mum including positive messages/subjects. Yet she is adamant that she is ok, wants to avoid the computer or counselling but clearly she’s not ok which is understandable. Just curious as thinking it might be of help - some mindful apps which might help with coping mechanisms - any recommendations for these apps.

as always, thank you


Hi Thumper

Your mum will be going through a rough time and sometimes the way some of us cope is to switch off, play ostrich and just get on with it. Sometimes it’s very hard to pick up on something new like mindfulness, that needs direction and practice but there is plenty of stuff around.

There are NHS-endorsed apps like Calm and Headspace. They cover a range of coping strategies and are very popular. My oncology nurse first suggested those to me.

Youtube is a source of loads of material that can be downloaded or you can just plug in the headphones, close your eyes and do as you’re directed. My first discovery, almost 4 years ago now, was Michael Sealey. He has quite a few videos to plug into, has a soothing voice but I felt he talked too much. Then I discovered Progressive Hypnosis. They have uploaded countless videos and I have used one from a small collection in my library every day since primary chemo. I consider them a lifesaver! Cure Anxiety is good as a start but some of the Healing videos work well. They focus on diaphragmatic breathing, visualisation…and by that time, I’m away with the fairies. The actual positive statements go in while you’ve drifted off, often to sleep. Many of them induce sleep, sometimes a deep restorative sleep, sometimes a light nap - but you feel better for it AND you will have rested.

If your mum ‘doesn’t have time for all this nonsense’, you could try doing it together a few times. Although headphones are recommended so you can benefit from the binaural beats, I’ve done it with my husband on speaker and have had to lie, listening to his snoring, for an hour or so - but he got some proper respite.

If your mum is wary of people putting ideas in her head, there’s relaxing music on Youtube. I’ve enjoyed some of the binaural beats stuff but you do need ear buds to benefit. 

It really is a case of try it and see. I would genuinely say I couldn’t have coped without YouTube. My morning routine now is breakfast, chemo tablets, Wordle, emails, then YouTube for an hour or so. Often ‘or so’. Today I’m opting for healing and inflammation as the chemo affects the digestive system and I find it helps reduce the discomfort. Good luck with your mum 

Jan x