Advice needed for a worried husband

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Hello Wellmeant

This must be a very worrying time for you both, I’m sure some of the users will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes
June, moderator

Just to add we are very lucky where my wife has treatment. There is an Oncology Health Centre which works hand in hand with her medical treatmernts, she can talk to qualified Clinical and Research Nurse Specialists and has individual sessions of visualisation and relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy and has had a course of reflexology - so we have much to be thankful for. There is support for me too.

The Breast Cancer Care helpline is fantastic as is all Breast Cancer Care support, my wife has found it very helpful and supportive.

Any one out there?

Hello Wellmeant
ime so sorry that you find yourselves in this position of uncertainty ,this is a wonderful site to ask questions or just to air a view . someone will always try and help .
ime sorry that ime not in a position to offer any guidance regarding your wife and her diagnosis but just to let you know that i am sending positive thoughts to you both .
Please keep on posting and requesting advice if you need it because someone will be here to offer help and guidance
Best Wishes
Jackie xx

Thanks Jackie. I forgot to say in the post we are 41

If you or your wife need to post Wellmeant you will find me or any of our lovely gang on the November thread .
Some of the ladies will be able to offer you more help and guidance as a couple of the ladies are experienced nurses.
Hope this helps
Take care
Jackie xx

hi, hope you get some advice soon, sounds like you are having awful time and that wait over xmas sounds very scary. hope you get some responses soon from people with more info to help you. Your wife is veyr lucky to have you logging on here to get advice and support. i wish you all the best.

Lisa x

Hi wellmeant

I’m not sure I can ve of much help either but hopefull some of the Metz ladies will come along soon and give yiu their personal experience, but from what I know often you have a few weeks wait between scans and periods with out treatment which I know is real worrying time when it almost feels like the disease I growing infrint of your eyes… But this does seem fairly standard and I don’t think they generally feel that a few weeks would make a great deal of difference to th outcome.

The thing is that cancer will have had longer to move when you couldn’t feel it than when you could, but that won’t make it any the less of an anxious time… Your team are probably wanting mrs wellmeant to have a treatment free Christmas… If you are very concerned why not contact the onc and ask to see him sooner… I’m sure it won’t take over 4 weeks to report in a CT, although it could be that he’s on holiday and that tge first available appointment he has, but doesn’t do any harm to ask.

It’s reassuring the ultrasound was the same, and that perhaps the reddening will start to lessen… I know you are worried about not having treatment for another few weeks but she hasn’t ad treatment since sept and tge scans are looking the same so fingers crossed things will b the same still at her next scan.

Take care
Lulu x

bumping subject for more replies

Since first posting my wife has been having a lot of discomfort under her shoulder blade (RH) and also under her right arm. She taking some pain relief and the CT scan is next tuesday. On the plus side we have managed a fantastic Christmas. Lets hope 2012 brings hope, positive defiance and health with plenty of laughter for those in our situation. It can be a very bleak and lonely place but lets all try and keep positive in 2012.

Hello there Wellmeant
Just want to send good wishes to yourself and your wife and hope that 2012 brings you both health and happiness.
Good Health Good Luck
And God Bless

Got results yesterday - not very good but could be a lot worse. She is tripple negative.

My wife’s breast cancer (stage 4 grade 2)has spread to her lymph nodes in the L H side of her neck and also into her L H lung and has started activity again in R H brest, underarm, nodes on R H breast bone, neck and R H lung - she starts treatment Taxol & Avastin in two weeks (awaiting funding confirmation, but should be ok) on 3 weekly cyles she’ll have Taxol & Avastin 1st week, Taxol 2nd week and Taxol & Avastin 3rd week then a week off and start again. fingers croosed has/is anyone having this treatment.

So into the breach with our best foot forward POSITIVE DEFIANCE, I can only imaginge what she is going through but with my wife & I it is OUR journey and I’ll do my best for her.

Hi I’m sorry to hear of your wife dx I’m also stage 4 with lung and node mets and know how very hard as a couple to deal with it there is a lady who had taxol with avastin that had gd responce she is on the triple neg site if u want to pop a message on there I’m sure she will help while y waiting gd luck with treatment some work v well big hug Laura

Hi I can’t link the page but this is the name

Topic: Triple negative secondaries/ recurrences