Advice needed please

Hi All - I finished 6 x FEC-T in June 2014, then went on to have a right side mastectomy on Aug 1st, then started radiotherapy on Sept 17th, finishing on October 8th.


Since all of that has finished, I saw a locum Oncologist in december, who didn’t know much about my case as he was just standing in for someone, so I don’t really know why I saw him.


My question is - I’m seeing my surgeon on May 11th regarding reconstruction, and I should apparently be getting an appointment made to have a mammogram beforehand - but did anyone else have any other scans, ie. CT/MRI scan as well as a mammogram - as it’s coming up to over a year now since original diagnosis and not really heard a great deal from anyone!


If anyone could offer any advice or been in a similar situation, I’d like to hear please.


Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago and havent had a mammogram. I would really recommend that you write to oncology with your questions. Is your original oncologist still around? (not the locum). If not write to thr head of department. You should be able to find out who this is via the trusts website or alternatively via switchboard. My other thought is do you still have a breast care nurse? Could you contact her? Worries tend to fester so its always better to ask people who have access to your particular case. Sorry, I havent really answered your question…

Hiya - thanks for your reply.


I managed to speak to a BCN who told me my original request for a mammogram before seeing my surgeon had been lost in the system, so they’ve fast-tracked a request to x-ray now (apparently) so should hear something in the next week (Hopefully)!!


In regards to my oncologist - he’s now based out of a different hospital to where I originally met with him, but I’ll speak to the surgeon re: any other scans or issues, he might be able to help - but the BCN’s are still very helpful.