Advice Needed

Hi there,

I am 27 years old and found a lump in my left breast in January, after a week of monitoring I made the decision to make an appointment with my GP, I was given an emergency referral to the breast clinic which I visited last week. I was extremely nervous at the breast clinic and upon my examination the doctor said she could not find anything (my GP confirmed she could feel something therefore reason for the referral) at the breast clinic I was trying to find the lump but I think being so nervous I couldn’t find it, I was told it could be hormonal and it was nothing to worry about and sent on my way. I haven’t checked my breast since then until today and I definitely feel the lump is much more prominent, it usually takes awhile to find it but I found it immediately this time and I will be honest has set off the worry again. The only other symptoms I have is I do have a dull ache in my chest area above my breast and that breast is very tender, I have also now had a cough for many weeks. (Not covid as I have regularly tested) 

I don’t really know what to do but would love to hear other peoples advice and opinions. My family member are very sensitive and you can imagine the uproar it caused when I told them about the lump initially so I don’t really want to discuss with them again and cause havoc. 

I did have blood tests at my GP also and they came back clear. Is this something I should just monitor for a few weeks and see how I feel then? 

Thank you in advance 

Hi , welcome to the forum .Good that you have seen a specialist who re-assured you but I can totally understand why you still feel uneasy .Your GP found a lump,  you can feel a lump so not surprising with no real answers you don’t feel totally at ease . The vast majority of breast lumps are not cancer and hormonal changes can have an impact on how things feel at different times .

i think you are right  “ monitor “ the situation at different times in your cycle - see if the lump comes and goes and if you are still worried go back to GP and if you are referred bank to clinic ask for ultrasound / mammogram to get more information about what’s going on .Try not to get too obsessive about the other symptoms( easier said than done I know )  -most of these things you wouldn’t have even noticed/ worried before you noticed the lump and very probably are not connected . Let us know how you get on .You can always ring to talk to the nurses on here or post a question to them for another opinion .Best wishes Jill x