Advice needed!

I’ve done something stupid and have cut the thumb on my lymph node clearance arm tonight cleaning the plastic seal on our shower screen. I’m now scared that I’m going to get an infection and/or lymphoedema. 

I ran the cut under water for about 5 mins and washed my hands with antibacterial soap twice and I’ve now put savlon on the cut and covered with a plaster. Is there anything else I should/can do to reduce the risk of complications. 

Dear KChest,

So sorry to read you post, what a worrying time, however I think you have taken all the correct procedures in clean the cut and dressing the area. Maybe tomorrow for peace of mind call you Breast Cancer Nurse or maybe the nurse at your GP surgery would be able to have a look and make sure all’s well 

wishing you well, have a good night sleep.

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Lymphodoema isn’t caused that way . I have it and it’s pretty mild but a nuisance as I have to wear a compression sleeve and go back to hospital for checks . No idea what caused mine had node clearance possibly radiotherapy but stuck with it . Hasn’t got worse over 4 years though try not to worry

Dear KChest

I do hope your cut thumb has now recovered fully. I don’t believe all the stuff about lymphoedema. When I was diagnosed first in 2003 I was told never to carry any heavy weights on my left arm, moisturise it, never have blood taken from that side, got myself a shopping trolley and something to carry paperwork around on.

20 years later it seems all this was bosh. 

So I wouldn’t do anything to avoid using that side. It’s bad luck if you get lymphoedema but most people don’t. Keep slim, exercise and don’t get hung up on dubious medical advice.