Advice on 'Chemo Clothing'

Can anyone offer advice as to what to wear during treatment - know you girls have up to date knowledge and want to treat my lovely daughter to some comfy , pretty clothing so she feels as good as is possible . you know what its like you all will spend on your kids but not on your selves even at a time like this so want to give treats. I didnt have chemo so am totally at sea . What I think will be suitable may be all wrong . Help Please.

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I thought about clothing for my first chemo and went for comfort. But subsequently I’ve just worn jeans and a pretty top, short sleeves as I have a PICC line in my upper arm. Now I’m on a mission to glam up the chemo ward, I’ve just bought some new pumps in a very bright pink/red colour! :slight_smile:

I’m sure whatever you get will be appreciated xx

Hi Lazydaisy1. I went for comfort too - leggings and a blouse. I have a port inserted near my collarbone and it’s easy to access by just undoing a couple of buttons on a blouse. Hope your daughter is doing ok xx

Hi Lazydaisy…what a lovely thought. Like others, I just went for comfort during chemo cos it does get boring sitting there for hours! Only slight word of caution is that post chemo (3 years ago) I couldn’t bear to wear, smell or eat anything that remotely reminded me of chemo, so chucked loads of things away…and took a while to return to favourite food/drink! On the days I didn’t work it was lovely to ‘lounge’ around in soft, comfy ‘lounge’ trousers and pretty lacy tops as with no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes, plus dodgy nails it was lovely to feel a bit feminine! A pamper basket would be a good idea…body moisturiser, bath soak and shower gel, hand/foot cream with the little cotton gloves/socks for extra overnight moisturisation, clear nail varnish/nail strengthener, pretty scarves or chemo hats (wigs get hot and itchy in summer), candles, 70% cocoa chocolate, crumbly mints, fizzzy elderflower…little treats you know your daughter will like. I have to say the thoughtfulness of my Mum, husband, son and daughter got me through treatment and out the other side…turning up with little posies of flowers, flowers in pots for the garden, bags of jelly babies, liquorice allsorts and interesting fizzy drinks! All the very best for her treatment…and to you as her lovely Mum…x

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