Advice on practicalities please

Hi all- I’m due to have a right mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on 24th Sept. May sound like a daft question but I’ve been thinking about the practicalities- I always wear a nightie but I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to lift my arm up to get nightie over my head and drains ect. Would I be better getting pj’s to button up front and the same for clothing when I’m discharged? Any help much appreciated. ?

Hi Helenann


You didn’t say what type of reconstruction you are having but I had a mastectomy and LD flap recon on 20th August and I would have found it very difficult to put a nightie on in the first few weeks as I couldn’t lift my arm above shoulder level (I still can’t get it much higher!).  I had two pairs of pyjamas that button at the front and I wore them for the first two weeks.

A nightie would be awkward, not only to get on but also the drain tubes will be in the way. I bought cotton button up pyjamas which I wore for the first few weeks.

Hi Linda, thanks for this. I’m having an implant- it’s one that has a valve and it’s ‘topped up’ every week to allow the skin to expand- does that make sense? Thanks for the advice re pj’s- I’m on holiday in the south of France at the moment and had said I was going to be putting all this to the back of my mind while on holiday- but I’m finding it really hard to switch off - hence why I’m on here now stressing about my forthcoming surgery ?.

Ooh that sounds nice, make sure you enjoy it but I know it is hard not to think about it.  I was given my diagnosis 3 days before going on holiday to New York and I was determined not to think about the BC so as not to spoil it.  I did manage to put it to the back of my mind quite well and I did have a really good time.  My consultant wasn’t that impressed though when I came back and told her I hadn’t made a decision about my reconstruction because I hadn’t wanted to think about it while I was away!  Have a good time in the south of France x