Advice on waiting, please help

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer on 31st January. I then had a series of staging scans and went back to the consultant on 21st February. I thought I was going to find out the treatment plan, although I had received a call the previous Friday saying I would need another breast biopsy. The consultant told me that in addition to more lesions on my breast, I also have lesions on my liver and thyroid and will need another MRI and ultrasound. I had the additional breast biopsy last week but I still haven’t even been phoned with appointments for the MRI and ultrasound. I called the Breast Nurses on Friday and they said they would chase them. I’m still waiting. I’m due to see the consultant again on 11th March and EVEN IF they tell me my treatment on that day, it will have been over three months since I discovered the lump. I am furious and petrified at this wait. I am in limbo and battling anxiety.  Is it normal to have to wait this long?  All the other appointments were sent to me immediately so I’m really confused now. I just tried to ring the Breast Nurses and sat on hold for 12 minutes before hanging up. I’m trying to function but it’s very difficult. I don’t even know how I can push this forward when I can’t get through to anyone. Thanks for reading. 

It sounds like a nightmare for you , the waiting is unbearable when you are worried which I am sure most people are to varying degrees. I am not sure which area you are in, do you know if they have Macmillan Nurses ? They may be easier to get hold of and could tell you what is normal waiting wise . I had a call the same day they gave me the date for surgery and was given their number and told to ring with any questions. 

I wish you well and hope you get the scans you need very soon so that they can tell you the treatment. Good luck with everything. Come on here and let us know how you get on.