Advice on what bra post surgery

Hi - looking for some advice on what bra to buy for post lumpectomy . I have been told that underwired bras will uncomfortable and to look for a front fastening bra for ease. I am 36g and have always needed a bra with a lot of support so struggling ……

Have a look at macom online, not cheap but very comfortable
Good luck with surgery

No date as yet but getting prepared anyway - it makes me feel that I have a little bit of control even if it is over what bra to buy :joy:

I bought two post surgery front fastening bras from Cancer Research UK (own brand not other branded ones they sell). They are very comfortable to wear post surgery. I also bought two front fastening crop top type bras to wear at night which are also very comfortable.

I understand what you are saying about needing support (I am 34E/F) and whilst these bras are not as structured as underwired bras they are supportive and comfortable - though not particularly flattering!!

I hope this helps. Good luck x

I bought a front hook/eye fastening from Amoena before my mastectomy and a cheap £10 front zip with wide soft band from Sainsburys. I much prefer the cheap one from Sainsburys x

I’ve also got the ones from sainsburys which are quite comfortable, but I struggle with holding everything in whilst trying to do the zip up and I’m only a 32e :rofl::rofl:

M+S body soft front fastening post surgery bra. I’m only small breasted but this is the most comfortable supportive bra I’ve ever owned. Possibly a bit small in the cup but does go up to size H so you could go up if needed. Reasonably priced and if you order online or click and collect they automatically deduct the VAT as it’s classed as a surgical appliance . If you buy in-store you have to sign to say that you need it as such. I also wear their cami bra and their other prettier non wired bra. They so comfy I haven’t gone back to my ordinary ones . Nicola Jane have some reasonably priced ones prettier ones as well though haven’t bought yet.

Before surgery I only wore underwired bras but I’ve never worn one since .

Its good that you’re looking now as I found the support and compression to be really helpful after surgery .

Joanne x

Hi Llanwinno,
I was advised to get a front fastening sports bra from M&S but I also struggled to fasten the zip even though it also has a hook & eye to secure it first! One piece of advice from me is to get a couple of different types of bra just in case one type does start to rub or press on any tender areas, I found alternating worked best. I found the M&S unwired, preformed post surgery cami bra very comfy & supportive, it’s back fastened but I always fasten my bras at the front & then shuffle then round to back anyway! The hook & eye one already mentioned was softer & more comfortable in bed.
Best of luck with the surgery & recovery x

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Thank you all for your advice - much appreciated . I have booked an appointment to check bra size as I have lost a stone since diagnoses . I will then look at all the companies advised - thanks again


Hope you find something suitable and comfortable.



Me too. I now have no idea what size I am!

I’ve bought some post surgery bras from Nicola Jane which now that I’ve had my dressing off I tend to leave empty on the right as the wound and armpit are so tender.

Doing my a exercises religiously and they are slowly getting easier, but joy are they uncomfortable. Urgh!


I know you’re way past this stage now @casey4jc but for the first 48 hours I wore a crop top with an old M+S secret support vest over the top . Something like that might be another option for you .


Hi @llanwinno123 , I had my second lumpectomy last week and can recommend the Asda front fastening post-surgery bras, a pack of 2 for £16, they are very soft and supportive and comfy to wear overnight. With my previous lumpectomy, I purchased M&S bras and they were also good, but the back fastening was a bit tricky post-surgery, and front-fastening is easier at appointments.

I then switched to standard bras after my first lumpectomy without underwiring which have been fine and hope to do the same this time.

Hope all goes well with the lumpectomy.

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Thank you summer-sunshine . I never thought of Asda, certainly worth a look


I bought a two pack of crop tops from Tesco for £14, which I am enjoying around the house, when I don’t put the softie in. This is seeming to help manage the soremess, but so does keeping moving my arm, oddly. It’s a lopsided look, but there’s only me and him at home, so who cares! I also tried the vests with secret support, which are also good.

I noticed yesterday that there was quite an indentation under my arm when I took my bra off, so now I’m convinced I have lymphodaema. BC really is the gift that keeps on giving. Luckily I have a physio appointment on Friday about some cording, so I will get advice about that then too I hope.

Karen x

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Best of luck for your appointment on Friday and I hope she’s able to help you . Perhaps when the cording resolves it will allow the area to drain more easily.

Yes moving you arm does help which seems not to make sense I know. At one point I had an oil cyst stuck in the axillary tail and had a burning pulling pain across from the cyst running under my arm and down to my elbow . My breast was swollen at the time as well but although it felt tight on moving the burning sensation was much better afterwards.

Joanne. X.

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