Advice on when to take tamoxifen

Hi all,

Yesterday I had great news about my prognosis. After a double mastectomy and implant reconstruction it’s as good as I could hope for. I feel so lucky.

I got my Tamoxifen to start today and it doesn’t really have guidance about when to take it. By that I mean, morning or evening. With or without food. I just wondered if anyone who has had experience has found it easier to tolerate. I’m wondering if before bed would help? I am pretty sensitive to most strong medication.

The consultant was relaxed about it and said take it when you will remember. Any advice ?

Dear lovemydog,

I hope you are doing well after such a big operation, looking after yourself with lots of help and support, you sound so positive which is an inspiration to others.

As regards Tamoxifen, I think this would be better taken with food, also some would say the morning is better others evening….try the morning see how you get on, you can always adjust to the evening if that’s better for you. It’s a bit trial and error to start with.

Wishing you well, with lots of happiness going forward.

Hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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Hi there. I had my op 31st Oct and started Tamoxifen this week. I have only taken 3 doses so far so probably too early to notice any issues. On a friend’s advice I have been taking it at 10pm just before bedtime. I haven’t been taking it with anything other than water. No issues as yet…but like you I do tend to have issues with medication so am anticipating them at some point! My friend who suggested bedtime said hopefully that means most side effects are whilst you are asleep. She has hot flushes, and also feels a bit achey when waking but otherwise not too bad. Have you seen Dr Liz O’Riordan’s Youtube guide to Tamoxifen? Would recommend googling that if not as she has some good tips for managing side effects. Good luck with it :+1: x

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Hey lovemydog,
Ive been on tamoxifen for 5 years. I started taking them at tea time but i got hot flushes through the night. Which kept me awake. So the doctor suggest switching to morning for taking the tablets. So that i had the hot flushes through the day. The hot flushes did ease off. I was told to take them with food at the same time everyday but that advice might have changed as it was 5 years ago.
See how you go, hopefully you wont get too bad side effects. Xx

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Thank you for commenting. Will give it a go.

Hi @blue80

Thanks for your post. I have Liz’s book and it was great for helping understand the journey and language and help make decisions. I hadn’t thought to look at YouTube so thank you for your post. I have indeed now watched her tamoxifen video. Very useful info in there. The good and the bad. I have already recommended it to a friend 6 weeks ahead of me and struggling with side effects. I won’t watch that video unless I get them. :smiling_face:

I have decided to try evenings. I struggle to sleep so maybe this will help. Fingers crossed.

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Good luck :+1: