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Sorry to be a pain but I could do with a bit of honest advice and I don’t know where to turn so here goes. i had what i think was mastitis while on holiday…tender red area with discharge from the nipple. I self treated it with antibiotics but it has left a lump 6cm in diameter with an inverted nipple. I saw my GP who referred me to the breast clinic. I went to BUPA last week as my insurance covers investigation. The lump was palpable and showed up on ultrasound but not mamogram. They have done a core biopsy and I’m now awaiting the results. He says that it could be inflammation but cannot rule out bc until he gets the biopsy results. I’m terrified as my mum died of ba very aggressive form of breast cancer at 66. I’m 47. He says that he will not remove the lump if the results are negative. The problem is that I am afraid of being left with a lump and nor being 100% sure that it isn’t bc. It must be possible to miss the malignant part of the lesion on biopsy. I would be grateful if anyone has had a similar experience. Sorry to bother you when you all have so many worries of your own but I can’t stop my mind racing about the consequences.

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you will get lots of help and support from the many informed users of this site. After the weekend I would advise that you give BCC’s helpline a ring and have a chat with one of the specialist nurses here, who will be able to talk to you about the tests ect., that you are having and give you some support. The helpline is open again on Monday morning (9am - 5pm Mon to Fri and Sat 9am - 2 pm) calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi julie,

I had something simular they couldnt see it on untrasound but they could see it on mammo then they did core biopsy said it was ok that it was only breast tissue so i told them i wasnt happy just being sent away they couldnt give me a garentee that it wasnt bc but they couldnt say that it was so i told them that i wanted the lump taken away they said if thats what i wanted then i could have that i had it done just over a week ago and am now waiting for the results of them testing it all i am so happy thay they took it away that i havent thought much on what if it comes back bc but if you want it taken away you should insist on it it will make you feel so much better knowing that its not there. i`m 41 i have been going through this since the summer and now i finally feel good about it all. i wish you the best of luck with it all hope you get what you want and have a very happy christmas.

Tracy x x

The consultant phoned me on Wednesday and called me in. The result of the biopsy is still inconclusive because of the amount of inflamation but it is graded as B4 which apparently is highly suspicious. They felt it was too risky to leave so I had the lump removed yesterday. Got to wait until 6th January for biopsy result. If it is bc they will need to operate again to remove more tissue and ? lymph nodes. Is this similar to you Tracy?


I am still waiting for my results had my op on 3rd december. so about the same time frame as me. think christmas is making us wait longer than we should have to. if they do find bc then yes i will have to have more surgery and also the lymph nodes will have to be checked. how are you feeling. try to take it easy i was in hospital for three days in the end as i was in lots of pain hope you aren`t to bad take it easy. hope the results are good lot me know what happens you can talk to me anytime. take care.

Tracy xx

Thanks Tracy. I’m sorry you are going through the same worry but from a purely selfish point of view it’s nice to know someone in the same situation. I’m not in too much pain luckily but am having to force myself to take it easy. Off work until Jan 2nd and I’m climbing walls already. Have a good Christmas and try not to worry too much.
Love Julie

Hi julie,

its good to talk to someone its not to good just keeping it all to yourself and my hubby got a bit fed up me keep talking about it all so this place has been i life saver for me just hope i can give you any help that i can. its not easy to try and rest but its the best thing for you. wish you the best christmas and try to put it to the back of your mind thats the best thing to do but when i try to do that i catch my chest and it reminds me that its still here but try to have a good time and i am here for you. take care.

Tracy x x

Still waiting and getting ever more anxious. I got over the physical side of things OK. It was a case of having to as no-one else does anything around here and my FIL is in hospital on a ventilator so I don’t want to burden my husband. I’m going back to work tomorrow to keep my mind active but now Christmas is over I’ve got too much time to think and worry. I still don’t know that it definitely is cancer but if it is I face more surgery and them what. I don’t know. It’s the not knowing that is the worst. I’m a control freak and there is nothing I can do to control this. Also had some blood from my nipple yesterday which is worrying. How long after surgery involving lymph nodes can you get back to life as normal? It’s been OK this time because they only remove the lump so I just have a 5cm scar across my boob but If they go in again they will sample the lymph nodes. I feel pathetic when people here have got worse to contend with and I’m worrying about how soon I can do the ironing but there is no-one I can talk to.
Love Julie

Hi sorry to but in but think you are both really brave and it must be really hard waiting over the xmas period. Just to let you know Im a big baby but I had a masectomy an full lymph node removal in March and was back at work part time 4 weeks after.
Good luck got everything crossed for you

Hi Tracy and Julie,
i can really understand how the christmas period is causing you more worry with the added wait. As most people will tell you the waiting is the worst part until you know what your dealing with.

If you do have to have lymph nodes removed then they say you should take it easy for 6 weeks,it may feel that you can do more before that but internal healing takes longer than the external.Also doing the exercises and not overdoing it helps to prevent the risk of lymphodema.

I hope you can keep your spirits up until the results and i’m sure having work as a distraction will be a help.If the worst happens and i sincerely hope it doesn’t,then remember we are all here to help you.

Best wishes Tracey