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I’m 22 years old and my mum has just finished her last course of chemo. We’re all so pleased it is over and we’re looking forward to the New Year. She was diagnosed last May (she’s 44) which grade 3, stage 2 (she had a few cells in her initial lymph node), but we’re hoping that she’s going to be ok. However, a few weeks ago whilst in the shower I noticed that I have a lump, about the size of a pea. It’s sort of the edge of my right breast, and kinda inbetween my breasts. It’s hard to touch and completely painless. At first I thought it might have been a spot or something but it hasn’t changed (except to get a tiny bit bigger) and it’s not tender or red. What shall I do? I don’t know whether I’m being hyper vigilent because of my mum’s experiences, or whether it is something to worry about. I don’t want to speak to my family as it’s new year’s eve tomorrow and we’ve had such a terrible year, I don’t want them to be down or worried. Am I over reacting or should I make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow?

I also should say that my mum is the first member of the family to have breast cancer, so we don’t think it’s a genetic thing.

I hope someone can offer some advice as I’m painicing a little…

Hi Chrissie and welcome to the BCC forums,

I have added a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication on breast awareness that you may find helpful, it can either be downloaded or ordered via the helpline on freephone 0808 800 6000, you can talk to one of our specialist nurses on this number regarding your concerns if you feel this would be of help, the line usually opens weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, this week the line is closed on New Years Day and opens today (New Years Eve) from 9am to 2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Chrissie
Sorry to hear about your mum, hope you have better news in 2009…

Your not over reacting,any lump no matter what its size should be checked out. At least it will put your mind at rest.
I think if you mentioned it to your mum she would be able to give you lots of advice and support,she wouldn’t want you to worry unnecessarily I’m sure.

Get yourself checked out,it could save you a lot of unnecessary worrying.

My thoughts are with you and your mum…

Good luck.


As Shell says, get it checked now and make that appointment. It’s no good worrying, at the end of the day it’s worse than knowing. Anyway it could be lots of other things, so go do it now.

Best wishes to your Mum for 2009

All the best

Normski x

I agree with the others. I think it’s unlikely to be sinister but you can’t afford to ignore any lump. Besides you will continue to worry until you know for sure. Good luck
Love Julie

Abolutely agree with the other posts, best to get it checked out. We should never ever be complacent about our bodies and if something doesn’t feel right, then it needs to be checked.

I hope your Mum recovers from the chemo well and you both have a happy healthy 2009.

Best wishes