Advice please

Advice please

Advice please Hi everyone,

I started herceptin Oct. 30th. following R. mastectomy and EC chemo. Also commenced exemestane Sept. 20th. During November started with diarrhoea, approx. 5-6 times a day. Onc prescribed lomotil, up to 4 tabs a day as necessary.

Has anyone else experienced diarrhoea as a side effect of either of these drugs? If it is the herceptin then I am prepared to tolerate the side effects as it is for only a year.

Have been referred to a gastroenterologist who recommends a colonoscopy to exclude anything nasty. Don’t fancy it a lot and since I saw him symptoms have subsided somewhat. I am wondering if the diarrhoea could be an after effect of chemo.

Has anyone any opinions on this subject. Thanks.

Best wishes Pam

hi hello ive got just the opposite to you ,as im on arimadex,but whilst on chemo i had terrilble bowel problems,so maybe its a combination of all the differant drugs that were on our bodies do go through a lot whilst were having treatment ,speak to your gp again or oncologist hope everything soon settles down. love lynn xx