advice please

Hi, I am new to this and would like some advice please. I had breast cancer some years ago and had a mastectomy. I now have a very slight dimple below the nipple in my remaining breast. It only shows when I raise my arms and the nipple pulls in very slightly. I have no lumps and the skin looks normal. Does anyone think it is anything to worry about?
Thanks in advance

you are worried, so what you have seen is not normal for you so I would go to the doctor and have it investigated.


The fact that you have posted shows you are concerned. Any changes must be investigated, especially with your history and the sooner the better. The chances are it may be nothing, but you can’t leave that to chance.

Good luck

with a history of BC i think you should get it checked out. i hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about. xx

Don’t want to add to your worry, but that’s how my breast cancer presented - no lump. Dent got deeper, breast smaller and area of thickening. Don’t be fobbed off with a Mammogramm only - ask for Ultrasound too and preferably MRI.
Good luck and best wishes that it’s nothing, but do get it checked.

Thankyou for your advice I think I will make an appointment to see GP. I must admit I am a bit worried.
Thanks again

I was so scared but finding this site somehow made me feel better, but no one answered my post it has been 3 days, so I will just do what I do best deal with my problems on my own. I guess I just wanted to no I am not alone.

thanks and you do have a good site for some

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bert - where was your post ? am sure no one was ignoring you ! can you link to it or bump it again - sometimes they disappear very quickly before anyone gets a chance to comment

bert- me again- found your post and there was a response from horace - maybe you missed it ?