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Hi ladies,
I was diagnosed in June 09, had a quadrantectomy in Aug 09, chemo in Sept and my rads finished in Feb 10 and now on Tamoxifen. Both of my hormone reading were 8/8. My periods stopped in Oct 09 and there has not been any sign of them coming back.
My question is should I request and ooperectomy (sorry about the spelling)as my Oncologist has never suggested it. So many ladies appear to have had this op and I would appreciate any advice as to whether I should request it and if so, why.
Many thanks in advance & a Happy, HEALTHY New Year to you all.
Big hugs.
Stella XXX

Stella - I asked my onc. about this, and she told me that the party line these days is that oophorectomy (no idea on sp.) is not deemed necessary in majority of cases. However, her personal feelings were that in someone strongly er++++ (like moi), if periods returned post chemo or on tamoxifen, then she would be very open to discussions about what to do next…

From that, I’d guess that she’d feel if my periods had stopped and didn’t return post chemo/during tamox. then there prob. was no need for further intervention.

I’d ask your onc - see what he/she has to say. Let me know!!

Sophie xx

Thanks Sophie
That is what I thought, but I think it would be more reassuring to take every precaution possible. I’m not due to see my onc until November now therefore was not sure if I should try to make an appointment hence my query on this web site.
Big hugs
Stella X

Stella - my own personal viewpoint would be to wait and see… if there was any sign of a period, then I’d be on the phone making an appointment, otherwise, I think I’d hold off - but if it’s something that’s on your mind, then phone up and get to see the onc earlier! Good luck

Sophie x

Hi Stella

My BC was 8/8 ER+ and PR+ and I also take tamoxifen. Although I’d previously had a hysterectomy my ovaries had been left in. I have spoken to my surgeon, oncologist and gynaecologist about whether or not to have an oophrectomy. None of them had raised the issue and none of them recommended it. The decision we’ve reached is that I will have blood tests every six months to check that I’m remaining menopausal (went into menopause with chemo last year).
Only if my ovaries kick back in again am I going to have an oophrectomy.

Talk it over with your Onc or surgeon so you can put your mind at rest.
take care, Elinda x

Hi Elinda
Long time no hear or speak, I hope you are well and had a good xmas.
I was ER 8/8 & PR 8/8 hence thinking I should have an oophrectomy. I guess things are ok as they are if you’ve been told the same thing by all 3 Dr’s.
Thanks for responding to my query.
Wishing you a healthy happy New Year.
Stella XXX

Hi Stella

I’m doing okay thanks and hope you are too. Sorry didn’t twig when I read your post who it was (different photo).
Wouldn’t hurt for you to talk it through with your doctors for your own peace of mind. I forgot to say I also asked my GP who said it wasn’t usual practice to remove ovaries in this instance.

Hope you have a wondeful new year!
Elinda xx

Hi Elinda
I changed the photo, this one was taken when I had Racoon hair extensions… I only kept them in for 4 days. :slight_smile: My hot flashes mad te hair stick to my head and neck and drove me up the wall. I’m now back to to my 3" of hair, it’s taken 1 year to grow!!!
Big hugs