Advice please

Advice please

Advice please Hello

Right had another bone scan today to see how everything going…i looked at the monitor and its looks like its continued to spread around the sternum and ribs and maybe on the back…Now I am on exemstane (cause they whipped my ovaries out last year) and oral biphosphonates…im seeing the oncologist thursday what else should i be asking or demanding that they do?? Im ER+ HER2 -

I just feel the wait and see thing is going to kill me…sooner! Im not really panicin but just abit angry again cause i aint getting a break and ive just watched a close friend die quite suddenly!



ps ive had arimidex already

Hi there Lynnc
Cant really give any advice but just to say that I seem to be in the same boat as you with the same problems so I just wanted to send you a big hug and say keep going kid - its not easy but we are here for you
Let me know how you get on and hope all is ok on thursaday .
Luv jANE

Hi Lynn, there’s Faslodex, hormonal injection, or the onc might now suggest chemo. Know the chemo option is hard one but I think I would want something that halts it in it’s tracks.
I was sorry to hear about Moira. I lost a close friend, about the same age as Moira, last summer. It’s hard.
Take Care…x

hi lynn , was looking at another post and see you nhad good results as i know you were worried . just to say i am so pleased for you , i so hate the waiting and all the nerves and anxiety that goes with it .
i try to look at the screen but see things that arnt even there , last time i swear i was looking at the ladies that was even in b4 me !!!
anyway have a good weekend .
love Tracy xx

Hello again Not quite sure how this works yet! All the drugs have made me blonde(sorry to all you lovely blondes).

Have posted short reply lynn on young womens.



Thank you Hi

I wanted to thank you for posting on the ‘undergoing treatment’ forum. It was great that you took the time considering what you have to deal with. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated.

Had my 3rd epi today - the line is great so feel so much more positive again.

Can’t be any help with your query except to say I will be thinking of you and hope they halt/stabilise the spread in your bones. Keep us posted.

Love Swanie