---advice please!

—advice please!

—advice please! —Please could anyone give me advice? I am 45 and I have just had my 5 year check up and will stop taking tamoxifen in August. I have expressed concern about this because I am scared of it coming back (obviously!) and the option presented is to have a blood test to see whether or not I am in the menopause. If I am, then I will be offered letrezole. If not, I will have monthly injections of zoladex to put me in the menopause so the letrezole will be effective. I am in a dilemma. My cancer was 1cm, grade 2, not aggressive and very early, with no lymph spread - so initial prognosis was encouraging. So, do I chance it and take nothing after August? Or should I have the monthly injections and letrezole if I am pre menopausal? I would greatly appreciate any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation. Thank you.