ADVICE PLEASE Had mastectomy last June finished all treatments in Feb but still have the feeling under my arm of carrying a bag of plums under it. Just wondering if any body else has the same feeling after this long.
Thanks JanetS

Yes, i do Hi Janet

Yes, i do have this feeling too, i had my ops last June and the way i would describe it would be it feels like a rolled up towel under my arm.

I few other ladies that i have spoken too have this feeling too, its to do with the Lymph node clearance.

I try to keep doing my exercises and it eases it a little but it has never gone away completely.


Me too I had my op in Nov 05 and still feel that there’s something under my arm. It sounds like we’re going to have to get used to it!


And me Op in Nov 05 - still quite numb under arm and sore down that side towards my back. Will it ever go?

I hate putting deod on that side, feels so peculiar!


Me too Every one that I have spoken to that has had a mastectomy has the same problem. Mine feels like a grapefruit. A year on from surgery I have got used to it and most of the time don’t notice it any more. A BC nurse told me that it’s part of the tissue that would have been pulled round by the weight of the missing breast and, when you’re lying flat on the op table with your arm strapped above your head, it’s not apparent to the surgeon at the time what the end result will look like. Hope that helps.