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Hi everyone god I have not been on here in so long, hope everyone is doing well.
I have now finished all treatment except tamoxifen I am due more surgery in October as implant was damaged due to radio also having a boob job on other side.
When I was first diagnosed in September 05 I asked to see a fertility docoter as I was only 24 and wanted to see if I could have eggs frozen incase the chemo damaged my changes of having children, my partner and I were deverstated when the specialist told me as my cancer was grade 3 and HER 2 possitive and ER I would be stupid to have my eggs frozen as they would need to stimulate the hormones and he said in 5 years time when I could have them put back in teh cancer would have spread and it was 95% chance he said that I would be dead. SO after hearing that I did not have any eggs frozen. I now have asked to see a fertility doctor again to see if it is safe to get pregnant in the future when I am finished on tamoxifen, My new oncologist said “well u must of had eggs frozen b4 chemo” I told him what the fertility doctor had told me and he said that is rubbish that he sends all girls who are young with my type of cancer to ahve their eggs frozen (IVF). I could not belive that I was told 2 different things. My hospital are very good buit they all tell me different things
What do u think I should do demand to see a fertility doctor and ask them if it is safe to have kids and ask y i could not have eggs frozen as the oncolagist is saying it would have been fine???
Can I just ask how many others have had grade 3 stage 3 HER2 and ER possitive and have been told they stand a 60 % chance of reacurrance but have gone on to have children and all has been fine I am just really worried that if my cancer spreads with hormones and i get pregnant then this could trigger my cancer and it will come back.
Sorry for the longgggggggggggggggggggg post
Love Clairemm x x x

I am her neg but oestrogen positive
I was told i could not have egg harvesting as it would not be wise to stimulte all my hormones to produce eggs
By the time i finish tamoxifen i will be past 40 so in two minds whether i will want to try for a baby
I have a gorgeous 7 year old who is desperate for a brother or a sister but trying to explain it may not be possible
Have you thought of chatting to your gp as a starting place?
I know what you mean with different dr’s telling you different things -it has happened to me quite a bit

hi Claire

Sorry Claire I guess that you are wanting success stories, but I have a similar experience to you unfortunately.
I was also advised not to have my eggs frozen, even though I was actually having IVF when diagnosed. I was put on Zoladex in an attempt to preserve the ovaries so that I could try again in the future. But now I have been put on Tamoxifen and nobody wants me to consider me having further IVF.

I can’t understand your onc giving you statistics like that. Have I read your post correctly, that if you had gone ahead and had eggs harvested you only had a 5% chance of surviving 5 years and also have you been told you have A 60% chance of your cancer reoccuring? I had a fast growing grade 3 tumour with 10 lymph nodes infected and I haven’t been given any odds like this at all!

I definately think you should talk to somebody re future fertility if that is important to you. I am lucky I have a 11 year old son and however much I would have loved more children I know now that is not to be, I realise that I have to do everything to be around for him for as long as possible. But if I didn’t have children I’m sure I would feel very different! Life must go on after cancer and your hopes and dreams are still very important. I really hope that you are able to get some straight answers and wish you lots of luck with whatever you do!



I was diagnosed in March, age 34. Mine was grade 3, Er+ and HER2 +. I was told right from the word go really that egg freezing would not really be a good idea for me because of all the hormones and stuff. To be honest me and my OH had already decided that we wanted to crack on with the chemo asap and not delay it by having eggs harvested. I was grateful that we came to this decision ourselves as I know how gutted I would have been if we’d psyched ourselves up for it, only to be told it was not recommended.

It seems that every different hosp and doc has different protocols!! I know there are loads of ladies on here though that have posted in the past on how they have gone on to have healthy babies when they have finished Tamoxifen after 5 years.

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Hi ladies thank you for your messages to Nicky yes I was told if I had eggs frozen they would have to stimulate the hormones and that in 5 years time when they could be put back in I would probally be dead he said it was 95% chance that I would not survive. I also asked what chances I had of a reacurrance and was told that it was 60% chance I would have a reacurance in the next 5 years and a 40% chance Iw ould not be here in 10 years time. They do not tell you this information in less you as, my mother begged me not to find out but at teh time I needed to know. I wish now in a way I had not asked as I spend every day worring and I guess I feel like I am worring my life away after all they can and do get it wrong and I may well live to be 100 and prove them all wrong.
Thank you once again ladies Love clairemm x x x

I am Very ER, grade 3, HER -. I vistited a fertility doctor and she tols me it was not a good idea given my ER status, and to be honest once she explained things to me, I agreed with her. Oncologist specailise in their field, fertility docs in thiers, I would say you were given the right advice. As for the odds, I’ve never been told. To be honest I think I’d worry even more if they told me!
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Sorry just to clarify, I visited her before chemo with the view of harvesting eggs.

Thank you Lisa