Advice Please.

Hi Girls,
I will be starting radiotherapy in a few weeks Just wanted a bit of advice. I went for a pamper day yesterday at the hospital, my skin is very sensitive to creams at the best of times, but the lady used acqueous? cream she said it was very gentle but I am in a awful mess today my skin has blistered on my hands and feet and is very sore. I have been reading the comments and know that this is the cream used after rads so am a bit worried as I dont think I will be able to use it and wondered if anyone else had had this and if there is an alternative to using this cream. any advice appreciated,

Hi Jill
Dont get too worried about creams, i have just finished my 20 shots of radio and my skin is just getting a bit itchy now and again but it doesnt last and i havent used any cream at all.
We are all different and there are other things that can be used if needed, so dont worry but do tell them how allergic you are.
fingers crossed you dont need any.
I havent got tired or anything, even with an hours drive each way to the hospital.
best of luck, i am sure you will be well looked after, take care, biddy

Hi Jill

i am still in chemo so not had radio yet but … I would have thought that the best thing you could do is use the cream that you already know suits you best … why don’t you ask your bc nurse if you can use that one in the event that you have to?
Good luck

Hi Jill

I finish my 15 rads on Friday and I’m sorry to report that my skin is very red and itchy. Not as sore as it looks though. I’m very fair skinned (freckly) so maybe that’s why it’s come up badly.

Have you ever used Aloe Vera Gel or Lotion? it’s very gentle and can be put in the fridge so if you get sore it’s instant relief and a friend of mine used the Gel to great effect. Also as Biddy says I’m sure there are other creams available if you ask.

Hope that helps, but hope you don’t get sore!

Cecelia. x

Hi Girls,
Thank you for the sound advice, I will speak to my bc nurse. I will take the cream I always use on my face to the rads and see what they say. My skin is quite weird as I am allergic to the perfume element and any plant extracts (Had patch testing last year) so alot of the products contain these two elements so I struggle as to what to use, but I thought the aqueous cream would have been safe, as as far as I know it does not contain either… I enjoyed the pamper like you would not believe but not enjoying the blisters!!! Never mind they will go. Thanks again.
Love Jillxx

Not sure about how suitable it would be but what about witch hazel liquid - it would depend on whether this comes under your ‘plant extract’ catagory tho and I suspect it probably would.

Best to speak to the BC nurse and the radio ppl 1st.

Good luck in getting a cream that suits you.

Hi - Aloe vera gel is very good. With your skin it is probably best to patch test it first. The key thing with creams and rads is that they must not contain any metal salts. My radiotherapists asked me to bring in the tube of cream before I used it so that they could check the ingredients.

Good luck with your treatment - I hope it all goes well.

Hi i have just finished chemo and my skin is in a horrid state i itch all over constantly and my dandruff which i have never suffered from previosly is a snow storm from the antartic. Any suggustions?