ADVICE please!!!

I am currently having my bad week after epi (3rd cycle) and am very close to packing it in. I decided to have chemo quickly in hindsight and had a low grade cancer ith an excellent prognisis but thought what the heck, throw everything at it. I now need some help and advice.

I have one epi left then CMF. The first week on each epi cycle has been awful, the next 2 weeks i have been working and felt good. BUT i need to know what to expect on CMF:

  1. Anyone knocked up with it and roughly for how long?

I will be having CMF on day one then again on day 8 then wait 3 weeks. I am very worried about veins. It took them over an hour and 6 attempts to get a cannula in last week and my arm is blue now. I cant cope with the idea of that another 9 times. Any suggestions?

  1. Is there anyone out there who has terminated treatment and how did they feel about it?

Any advice appreciated
Ruth x

Hi Ruth,
I have had 4 EPI and am just about to have my last CMF on Monday. I suffered with the Epi but have to say the CMF has been more tolerable .My energy level has been far better and I have been able to do more ordinary everyday things I have still had some side effects sore mouth etc but on the whole the CMF has been much better for me. I spent alot of time flaked out on the settee with EPI but have not had to even go for a nap on CMF in the afternoon,.And the good news is your hair starts to come back, I have got quite a coverage now. Its perfectly normal to think about packing it in when you feel awful, I did on many occasion, but just thought well if I feel this rough then I know its doing its job and getting rid of the little beggars. As regards veins Im the same as you, we used to have hunt the vein everytime, but now they give me a hot pack as soon as I get there and this does the trick, maybe worth asking your chemo will get though it Ruth honestly. I hope this has helped a bit Ruth and I wish you well with the rest of your treatment, Please let me know how you get on. Will be Thinking of you.

Love and a hug

Hi Ruth

I am now nearly 1 year on from chemo and had the same treatment as you. I was naueseous and tired after every epi for a week or so but cmf was a whole different ball game. It was so much easier - more energy levels, very little nausea and as Jill said the hair started growing back. All together much easier.
As regards veins my chemo nurse would soak my hand in warm water for 10 mins prior to cannulation, however I cannot say that there wasn’t a tear or two at times. I know that there are also other options such as ‘Central LInes’ which the doctor inserts into your chest and stays there for the duration of your treatment so that may be something to discuss with your chemo nurses.
All I can say re ending treatment Ruth is that you are nearly halfway through your chemo you have been so brave to get to this stage and it will get easier with cmf as i’m sure others will confirm.
Like Jill sending you lots of hugs
Norah xx