Advice please

Hi, I’ve found 2 lumps last week and although my doctor wasn’t concerned about one of them she said she wanted to get the other checked out so ive got my screening on Tuesday. I’m sick with worry as it’s hard not to but I’ve only told my husband, I’m not wanting to tell my parents as my dad is currently unwell himself. My question is has anyone gone for the screenings on their own. I’ve been told I can take someone for support. Also I could get biopsys taken? My husband will be watching our children and I don’t want to ask my mam as she has enough to worry about without me. Thanks in advance xx

Hi MrsD,
First of all, for most breast clinic appointments it turns out to be nothing serious.
I can understand where you’re coming from as you would not want to worry your parents if it turns out to be unnecessary.
Certainly others have gone on their own, although if does help to have someone there. If it’s clear what it is, normally you’re told on the day, for the all clear.
It they’re not sure what it is, then a biopsy is taken & there is another week or two for the results. If this does happen, then certainly, have someone with you, as if on the off chance it is bc, then it’s a lot to take in.
Let us know how you get on.
ann x

Hello Mrs D,


I found myself in a very similar position to you a few months ago. I was referred to the breast screening clinic by my GP. Only my husband knew and he needed to look after the children as my appointment was in the evening. I didn’t want to worry my family as my Dad was unwell and I was sure everything would be ok anyway. When I arrived at the clinic I was given a booklet outlining that this was a ‘one stop clinic’, aiming to do all necessary tests at this appointment, and the process could take up to 2 hours. I texted my husband to let him know that this may take longer than anticipated. I was indeed there for 2 hours, having mammogram first, consultant review, ultrasound, biopsies and then another mammogram and back to consultant. Had I known that all of this was going to happen then I would have loved for someone to come with me for moral support. The clinic staff were lovely and gave me a hand to hold during the biopsies. When I did tell my family afterwards, they were upset that I had gone through this alone.


I would say that if you do have someone that can go with you, then take them. I hope that you get on okay at your appointment, please let us know.


Best wishes and a hug xx

Thank you so much ladies for your replies.
My appointment on Tuesday is also a “one stop breast clinic” and it did say I could be there 2 hours. I’ve actually spoken to my mam and decided to tell her as like you say she’d be so upset if I kept it from her. I’m sure I’ll be ok it’s just awful not knowing.

Hufflepuff what were your results, I hope all was well. Xx

Hi Mrs D,


I’m glad that you were able to tell your mum. Does that mean that you have someone to go with you now? To cut a long story short, I was diagnosed with DCIS, had surgery then radiotherapy which finished last month. I’m doing well, a bit tired but pretty much getting back into the swing of things now. Please be reassured that for many women referred to the breast clinic, symptoms do not turn out to be anything sinister. It’s a worrying wait though, I know. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. What time is your appointment?


Take care xx

Hi Hufflepuff, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to have surgery and treatment but I’m pleased to hear your doing well. Yes my mam is going to come with me. My appointment is at 6.30pm tomorrow for approx 2 hours. I’ve recently lost 2 stone in weight so I’m hoping it’s down to that. I really do appreciate your kind words. Il put an update on once I know what’s what. Xx

Fingers crossed for you xx

Hey just got home, I’ve had a mammogram and ultrasound which has actually shown a third lump, from these results they have said they think they are benign but I’ve then had to have a core biopsy and a fine needle aspiration on two of the lumps as the can’t be 100%, I should get the results in a few days. I still feel anxious even though they have said they are benign, it’s waiting for the results which makes me feel uneasy. Begnin means Begnin right? Xx

Hi Mrs D,


I was thinking of you yesterday. Sorry to hear that you had to have biopsies taken, but this is the best way to get a definite answer as to whats 's going on. Now you have to wait for your results which is undoubtedly the hardest part, and I can sympathise with you. Have you got a date for your appointment? I tried to carry on as much as normal while I waited for my results (and drank a lot of wine too!) It’s not easy though and I hope you don’t have to wait too long. You’ll get lots of support from this site too.


Best wishes and another hug xx

Hey hufflepuff, thanks for your response and kind thoughts. I’m just waiting on a phone call with the results then Im guessing they’ll arrange another appointment then if needed. They’ve said they think they are benign so I’m taking there opinion as positive and good news unless I hear otherwise, otherwise I’don’t get myself stressed out. Xx

Mrs D,


Glad to hear that it sounds positive. Hope you hear soon.


Take care xx