Advice please

Hi, 5 years ago I had a WLE grade 3 , followed by 6 cycles chemo, rads, then tamoxifen… I’ve not been the same since & yes I’m grateful im here and had treatment but wish I’d had a double mastectomy as I hate my useless fat ugly worrying breasts, im now 47 yrs and a year ago I mentioned to a nurse wish I’d had a mx as I find my WLE Breast so uncomfortable , my youngest child is only 5 & when he jumps at me (as kids do) it pains me , would they say no if I asked to get rid of them does anyone know ?? Advice please… and as for Tamoxifen… that’s another moan , thanks for reading , Sharon x

It may be worth talking to your GP about this …I was told by a friend who also had breast cancer that she was advised that if her breasts were causing her major anxiety then mastectomy may be worth investigating…she was advised that she would be sent to see a psychiatrist to assess her…
I had right side mastectomy 2 years ago…was origionally told I would have a lumpectomy but was glad when that was changed to mastectomy x

Hi Sharon


In 2010 I had a single mastectomy for a large area of dcis and small invasive cancer

At the time I asked for double mastectomy and was refused pending me seeing psychiatrist and had the second op 10 months after the first


They have to be really satisfied that it is really what you want as they are reluctant to remove healthy tissue

I paid for the psychiatric evaluation privately to speed things up-120 pounds

I do not regret my decision as I  viewed my remaining breast as a ticking bomb!!

If you are sure then you need to push very hard as funding is a major issue these days


Good luck and kind regards

Elaine x