Advice pls for a friend starting Tax next Tuesday?

My friend, a couple of months behind me on his cruise of a lifetime, has had 3 FEC & starts Taxotere x3 next week. She’s also having a PICC line inserted because of the phlebitis since last FEC and is worried about potential allergic reactions to Tax. I only had FEC so can’t offer any experince & after a chat this morning she’s going to check out this great source of support and information later. If anyone has any words of advice to pass on I’d be grateful.

i have had 2 TAX so far also did 3 FEC. with regards to se for TAX i would say to your feiend for her to drink plenty of fluids i did locozade sport. Even if she does not feel like eqating to graze on little and often. To have immodium in the house and to expect your taste buds to change. also have some pain killers available

I had 3 FEC and so far had 2 of 3 Tax. I also had a PICC inserted after my second FEC.
My PICC really upset me intially as I felt that my body had become medicalised and I was never free of my treatment, but once I got over the initial feeling, I was pleased to have it as it has made my treatments much easier and the cording that I have in my lower arm has not got any worse and appears to be improving.
Personally I have had more noticeable side effects with Tax, but I was really so well during my first 3 treatments that any SEs would have seemed worse.
The main differences have been to my sense of taste (I have none for about 10 days each cycle) and an unpleasant waxy feeling in my mouth, and my nails, my fingertips and toes are quite sore and tender, this may be worse because I spend much of my working day at the computer typing. I have been lucky enough to have no allergic reaction.
I have been a bit more tired and a bit more constipated in first few days … but maybe that is just because my body doesn’t bounce back as quickly after each subsequent cycle as treatment progresses.
I have still been able to work full time throughout both the FEC and Tax with no adjustment and only treatment days off, so have been very lucky.
I can’t offer any advice, I haven’t done anything different than usual throughout except start taking sennakot the night before my chemo,drinking lots of water and eating a high fibre varied diet.



Hi, had allergic reaction to fec after two cycles and now doing tax, to combat any allergic reaction I get high doses of dex and piriton to start the day before and for three days after. The tax is loaded dilluted and half the usual speed. Hope this help. Also have a portacath due to vein problems. Good luck for your friend! X

Thank you all I will be chasing her up to get registered and reading this wonderful supportive resource. xx

I didn’t have a great time on Tax - much better on EC - but it was short and I got through it. My side effects were unusual but not long lasting.

Good luck - it is all worth it.

Paula x