advice plz

Since June 2014 I was having mammograms. .needle biopsy s…scans… etc etc…July I had snb…3 nodes clear and a mastectomy due to bc… which was stage 1…grade 1… but had the whole breast removed because there was another tumour present but was not cancer…I got the all clear from my breast surgeon on the 12 August and placed on tamoxifen for 5 years. With a shake of the hand and told I would b seen in 6 months…
Which shoukd all b really good news but I can’t shake these ever increasing feelings of doom that the cancer is going to come back some where else bigger and stronger… is this normal or should I be seeking advice am I depressed… I have no idea what is surprised to b the norm to b honest. Has other ladies felt like it’s and what did you do…to get rid of these terrible feelings please

Hello Tracy, I think it’s something normal as so many of us have a fear of this. I suggest that a good thing to do would be to ring the helpline on Monday when it opens. The people there are very helpful and knowledgeable and I remember I was comforted and helped to look at my problems in a calmer light by my call, and others have said the same. I think it will be very helpful for you, and might be enough to reassure you. However, there is also help from your bc nurses and also your GP.


You’re not alone, so keep posting on here for support. Hugs, Jo x

Hi Tracy,


It’s perfectly normal to have these worries. But as your nodes were clear, it is very unlikely that you will have a spread of breast cancer to other organs. Stage 1 means the cells of the tumour haven’t changed very much from normal cells, The Tamoxifen is a safeguard too. It’s good to hear you are being checked out every 6 months. I had grade 3 ductal invasive, with lymph node involvement. Mastectomy and 3 nodes removed - 1 with cancer cells. Then chemo (FEC-T) and I’m now on Anastrazole for 5 years, but only have a check up annually. I can’t answer your question about depression, but the feelings you are having will fade in time. If your anxieties get too much, you can always ring the free helpline: 0808 800 6000