Advice - swimsuit prosthesis

Hello all

Please can you advise - I’ve tried the lightweight foam, and the weighted foam, and they are in the smallest sizes and they project too far and are too light so they don’t line up, they are the wrong shape and they look ridiculous; I’ve tried the Tropez swim breast form but it’s hollow inside and it gets squashed by the swimsuit so looks ridiculous; my ordinary lightweight prosthesis is too heavy - although it gives the best shape, the swimsuit (all 3 of my costumes, which are all pocketed) sags and it looks terrible. Any more ideas?
Thanks, snowwhite

Hello Snowwhite

One idea is to buy a swimsuit that has rigid bra cups so that whatever is in them the outline remains the same.

A friend tried a small babys bath sponge inside hers. The sponges are usually rounded and with a flat back so they fit snugly inside a pocketed cup. On coming out of the water a simple discrete squeeze and all was back to normal.

I havent tried either of these myself as I cant swim but have researched just in case I get the nerve and will to try.


My Swimform from Amoena I found to be brilliant…it was £30, but well worth it for me.


I use Amoena swimforms, I agree they are expensive, especially as I have to wear two of them at time. The ones you get from Nicola Jane are a tear drop shape, and are I found fit better in some swimwear, so it will be trial, but you get 30 day money back from both these companies, I think they also do a 3 month trial period too. Perhaps you should call them up and find out what they can do. I also have the priform (£9.00 each) from Amoena, they are good and you can buy extra padding (0.50pence per pack), and you can adjust the amount that you need depending on your required cup size. I used these when I was in Dubai last week as it was too hot and my stick on prosthesis kept coming undone. So I used the priforms and they didnt take long to dry out. Some swimforms (lightweight foam ones) act like a sponge and they weigh loads when you come out of the water, and some swimwear gets pulled down, not a good site when coming out of the pool. !

See how you get on, and let us know. I will try searching for other ones for you.
C xxx

Hi girls

Thanks for suggestions - just ordered online an Amoena swimform to try - the £30 one. I did try one from Nic Jane, a Tropez by Trulife, but it was hollow, just a shell, the swimsuit made it collapse it did not hold its shape but got squashed down - noticeably odd-looking. I sent it back, it wasn’t cheap either.

I also have a lightweight foam in the smallest size but it does not match my other side, it projects too far; too light and sits high, but I have been told when they get wet they sink down like you say puppydog. I also have a weighted foam but same problem really, it just does not match my other side. I am quite skinny and small, 32C although I wear 34B sometimes so I did not think I was that small but I have trouble finding clothes to fit. I am 5’1" so a low neckline on someone else comes down to my navel.

I was trawling around on the internet trying to solve this problem and I stumbled on a website used by the entertainment industry and transvestites - this has opened up a whole new world for me, but hey, maybe I’ve just “come home” - they have these sort of latex prostheses which they make great claims for, anyone come across those? anyone tried one?

Thanks again everyone for advice, if you come across anything else let me know. I’ll tell you how I get on with the Amoena.

snowwhite xxx

Hi Snowwhite,

Be interested to hear how you get on. I have yet to find one that is any good, Mine floated off in the opposite direction to me whilst swimming, another was a bit heavy and actually started to shift towards my stomach region, but hey you have to laugh, especially at the look of surprise on other swimmers faces.

Good luck.

Treakle x

Oh Treakle that is what I do not want to have to cope with! I am mrs wimp I want everyone to think I am dead cool and fantastic which obviously is a lie and I’m only fooling myself but we can’t all be sensible. Oh gawd. I will cope if it does happen and that’s all there is to it. I’ll leave the country and change my name. That’s one way of coping. anyway I ordered my amoena thing a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived and we’re going on hol. Saturday.


I’ve jsut come back from 2 weeks holiday with lots of swimming and snorkelling. I bought an Anita pocketed bikini and wore my standard prosthesis in it. It was absolutely fine and I had no problems at all. I also took a swimform but tended to wear this in strappy tops.