Advice to ease nipple pain

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

My treatment plan is chemotherapy and then surgery due to the size and spread of DCIS and HER2+ IDC, and one of my symptoms in nipple pain and discharge/bleeding which could or could not be Pagents, although its believed to be the DCIS.

There are no short term plans to do anything about the nipple because I will have a full mastectomy after chemo due to it being located so close to skin they have to remove all skin and the nipple too. 

So, the nipple pain and discharge is still there and it is so irritating and painful and i dont think i can bear this all the way through chemo awaiting it being removed. 

TMI warning, sorry, the discharge and blood dries and my nipple gets stuck to my bra which then hurts even more when “peeled” off

Any advice on how to relieve the pain?Perhaps a nipple guard? Or does anyone have any wonder creams they recommend?


Hi Crawfy

So sorry to hear, that all sounds very uncomfortable. 

I had a painful/hypersensitive nipple for a few weeks after RT - I did put up with it but if the pain gets too much ibuprofen or paracetamol should help. I wonder if Lansinoh/lanolin nipple cream might help with the discharge/healing… it was brilliant when I was breast feeding and had cracked sore nipples! Don’t know if you’ve used it before… it’s hypoallergenic and creates the perfect moist healing environment. You could also use a breast feeding pad on top to prevent it sticking to your bra/tops.

Do also ask your BCN, I’m sure they can recommend other solutions - you don’t have to tolerate this until your surgery.

Wishing you all the very best with your forthcoming treatments.