advice would be appreciated

hi everyone as most of you know i had a scare last summer when i found a hardness and my nipple inverted went to clinic had biopsys was told chronic inflamation . In the meantime got very sore and went to gp was given antibiotic as was thought i had infection .Went for follow up at breast clinic following week told them what had happened and they did ultrasound and decided to do aspiration for possible abcess and sure enough loads of puss was removed i was told we will be in touch within 2 weeks to let you know if we need to see you again. 1 month later stppill never heard anything so i phoned them as i was in a lot of pain again 4 calls and 2 days later bcn phoned i told her what was happening and she told me to go to gp for antibiotic as abcess may be filling back up.Went to gp she gave me antibiotic but was not pleased i have a 2cm lump at side of nipple been there since before abcess was drained and didnt go after aspiration. she sent of a fax to clinic for urgent appointment. following week had appointment at clinic dont think they were very pleased to see me i asked if they could take the lump away thet said as there was infection involved no as it may spread to other areas of breast he had a poke about and said lump was most probably caused by biopsys and fna and was probably scar tissue but to put my mind at rest they would give me ultrasound asap that was on dec 29th still not heard anything from them .Abcess filled back up again this time very painfull but where aspiration needle went in puss was flowing out this relieved the pain so i just dressed it and left it still getting some stuff out i week later but not painfull any more.Lump still there getting constant stabbing pains and tingling like your nipple pulls in when you are cold is this abcess causing this gp says could have been biopsys that caused abcess in first place is this likely. Not sure what to do now do i just wait and see what happens with clinic goodness knows when they will see me or go back to gp and see what she says .thanks for listening bablicious

Hi Babilicious
I had a discharge and once there was a tiny drop of blood. I didnt have a lump. However, I did have breast cancer - Pagets.
However, mine was painless - yours is.

On my initial appt at the hospt they took a sample of discharge, and they did some checks on it - and it came back with ‘abnormal cells’.
Did they do this for you? If so, if anything abnormal was there surely they would have followed it up then.

Please keep following it up - especially the lump. This could be an absess also… the likelihood of it being cancer is very slim, but please, please dont take any changes.
I hope this helps.

hi ruby i asked at my last appointment about results from abcess aspiration and it seems they didnt send it to be checked as for the pain it is only painfull when abcess has filled up any other time painless when touched but do have constant stabbing pains inside.dont know if that is conected to abcess or not thanks bablicious

Hi bablicious,some years ago I had a breast abcess which was caused by the aspiration of a cyst.I was admitted to hospital where abcess was drained and packed over 4 days.My bc came 15 years later in the same breast.