Hi I am new to the group.  I have recently had a mammogram ultrasound and marker fitted.   My next appointment is next week for results of biopsy.  I have a shadow on my breast I am preparing for the C word.  Just wish it didn’t take a week for results.  Has anyone experienced something similar x

Hello Tinylion,

Welcome to BCNow forum. The wait is awful, truly painful isn’t it for the results - some people wait a couple of weeks for biopsy results so I suppose ‘small mercies’ that yours is a bit shorter Unfortunately this process all the way along is full of waiting for this and that and the other, its a form of anxiety that is hard to imagine unless you’ve been there and felt it. Has your clinic/consultant given any indication at all of their feeling about your area of suspicion ? Most people here have experienced similar (some with markers, and some without), so you aren’t alone in the place you are currently standing. We will do our best to answer any question you have - but if they are more of a medical nature and less of an ‘opinion from those in the same boat’ nature then you can always use the ‘ask the nurses’ section of the forum, or the helpline above. Happy to talk x


 I think most of us have been where you are now, waiting for results is torturous but part of the normal diagnosis process and necessary to make sure you get the treatment, if any is needed, most suitable for you.

I found the waiting for biopsy results the most anxious time, had to do it twice and now I am waiting for post surgery pathology results. I thought I would get them at my appointment last Thursday but they weren’t ready so I have to go back on Tuesday.

 It is difficult not to worry and imagine the worst possible scenario but it may not turn out to be as bad as you think. My second biopsy was for a shadow on my left breast showing only on an MRI scan done after mammogram and biopsy had diagnosed cancer I’m my right breast. After spending  nearly three weeks thinking I was going to have to have surgery on both breasts I got the news that the ‘shadow’ was a benign lesion which needed no further treatment. I think even my surgeon was surprised.

 Sending hugs and best wishes for good results x

Hi @TinyLion , I hope your results appointment this week goes well.

Sending positive energy your way