I’m 14 mths post second diagnosis and I’ve started with headaches. I’m scared that the little bugga has spread there. I’ve on active treatment still. What are the chances.


Betty - I’ve no experience with this but I’m sure that some of secondary ladies will be along to offer some advice .Just wanted to welcome you to the forum - fingers crossed there is a " non cancer " explanation to your headaches ???

Hi Betty, and welcome. I’ve got mets in my lungs which were discovered part way through rads. It’s a bu**er isn’t it? No wonder you’ve got headaches!  Me too! In fact, any little ache and pain sets me off wondering if the aliens have decided to migrate and pop up elsewhere. I’ve been playing the ignore-them game for three years now. Rule of thumb from my wonderful Onco is…if it’s cancer generally the pain doesn’t go but intensifies. So, if paracetamol chases it it probably isn’t. Get it checked out, though. When you’ve never had cancer before you don’t really know what to expect, and it’s very easy to blame every ailment on that. X